Five years have passed since the spectacular fire that burned the emblematic Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral (France). The fire started around seven in the afternoon of April 15 of 2019; The wooden structure of the roof began to burn, collapsing in a few minutes two thirds of the roof of the central nave and causing the fall and destruction of its roof. emblematic needle. The most likely cause of the fire was a short circuit in the scaffolding during the restoration work on the spire, which was being carried out at that time.

The complicated extinguishing work of the firefighters that night managed to save the stone structure, the main façade and the two towers. Only one firefighter and two police officers were injured. Fortunately there were no deaths, since at that time there were no workers present on the scene. Tourists and attendees of the 6pm mass were able to be evacuated after the fire alarm went off shortly after the incident began.

The fire began with Más Vale Tarde on the air, which quickly focused the program on the tragedy and contacted witnesses and journalists present in Paris. Both laSexta Noticias and laSexta Deportes modified their structure and focused on a special programming to tell all the details of the catastrophe. Also Al Rojo Vivo, the next day, provided the best analysis of the fire with spectacular animations and augmented reality graphics.