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There has never been a miniseries like this on Netflix before.  It is based on facts.  There was a Pole behind the camera

There has never been a miniseries like this on Netflix before. It is based on facts. There was a Pole behind the camera

New offerings from Netflix never cease to amaze. Another intriguing psychological mini-series inspired by the real life experiences of the main actor has just joined the platform’s library. However, this is not the end of surprises, because a Polish director also took part in the creation of “Reniferka”. Who are we talking about?

In the library, it is easy to find productions based on p, but there has never been a story like “The Reindeer” before. It is a psychological thriller consisting of eight episodes, inspired by an award-winning one-actor theater performance. What is its plot about?

The new Netflix series is based on facts. This is a dark story about the experience of stalking

“Reindeer”, which debuted on Netflix on April 11, 2024, focuses on the character of the renowned comedian Donny Dunn and his relationship with… . A seemingly innocent acquaintance begins in a place where he stands behind the bar after hours, serving drinks. Martha is a regular at the bar and falls in love with the handsome bartender. Her fascination quickly turns into an unhealthy obsession, which brings with it many consequences for both parties. Donny will be forced not only to face them, but also to face the demons from his past, which will bring him to the brink of an emotional breakdown.

A Polish director is responsible for “Reindeer”. She revealed how she remembers working in production

The main plot of “Reindeer” is the experience of stalking, which Richard Gadd, who plays the main character, really faced. The topic is difficult, but the tension is relieved by dark humor, of which there is plenty. The title is also of great importance, because this is how it was referred to by the persecutor. Jessica Gunning played this role, but we will also see stars such as Danny Kirrane and Nava Mau on the screen.

There are also Polish accents in the British Netflix production. Behind the camera was Polish, Weronika Tofilska, whose credits include: “The Baker Street Gang” or “His Dark Materials”. – In cinema, I am interested in existential, universal, ultimate themes. However, I disarm all this darkness with humor – in an interview with “Vogue Polska” magazine. At the same time, she emphasized that it was one of the most interesting projects she had ever worked on. – Our collaboration with Richard was very close and intense because we wanted to tell enough of his story. Cinematographer Krzysztof Trojan helped me a lot in transferring it to the screen, she said, adding that at the creation stage the most difficult thing was to find the right form of presenting the hero’s experiences so that the audience could easily understand the motivations that guided him at specific moments.

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