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How much in a wedding envelope?  “One can give more, and the other can put PLN 100 in the envelope”

How much in a wedding envelope? “One can give more, and the other can put PLN 100 in the envelope”

People who are going to get married in 2024 face a dilemma about how much money to give to the bride and groom. This year, the prices for a plate have increased again and organizing such an event is a huge expense for young people. We asked the inhabitants of the capital how much they thought should be put in an envelope.

Wedding gifts have long become a thing of the past. Currently, the most attractive gift for the bride and groom is an envelope with money. Thanks to this, the costs of organizing the event, which in 2024 is an expensive undertaking, may be reimbursed, at least partially. How much money should you put in the envelope as a wedding guest? We asked the inhabitants of the capital about it.

How much is in the envelope for the 2024 wedding? “600-800 should be given”

– That’s what I heard, prepare PLN 1,000 (…) A lot. You know, in the past, you used to buy a young person a skateboard or some ice skates, but today… a laptop or something like that, you have to save a few thousand for a decent thing. So it’s not quite an easy thing… but whoever can afford it, goes and gives. Not everyone there looks into the envelope straight away. One of them can give more, and the other can put PLN 100 in the envelope, said one of our interlocutors.

How much should be included in the envelope for a wedding in 2024 so as not to come across as stingy? Illustrative photo istock

Another one said that although he doesn’t go to weddings himself, he has heard a lot from his friends about the amounts. – Oh, I don’t go to weddings. I don’t like the concept itself, because it’s all so official and so reworked. Always this envelope… and this… not really my style, so personally I don’t know how much I give. I think 5 hundred, but I’m not sure. This is just what I heard from other friends, he emphasized.

A representative of the hotel industry we met also commented. – I think that if you go as a couple, you should give at least PLN 600-800. These prices have now gone up significantly. (…) We also have wedding halls. In our case it amounts to approximately PLN 1,000 per person, he noted.

“I wouldn’t like to ask guests for PLN 450 in an envelope”

The students also had no illusions. According to them, given the current prices for organizing a wedding, it is worth giving PLN 400 or 500 per person, although they emphasized that presence is more important than money. – This is such a difficult topic that, from what I know, prices for a plate at a wedding range from PLN 450 to PLN 500. However, I wouldn’t want my wedding guests to have to give up coming to my wedding because they wouldn’t be able to afford it. I don’t know how much I would personally give, because we are students, so I don’t know if we could splurge, but I wouldn’t want to ask guests for PLN 450 in an envelope – we heard from a student. Her colleague emphasized: “Everyone should give as much as they can.”

Source: Gazeta

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