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A bold photo of Magdalena Cielecka hit the Internet.  The 52-year-old posed without clothes

A bold photo of Magdalena Cielecka hit the Internet. The 52-year-old posed without clothes

Magdalena Cielecka surprised followers on Instagram. All because of the black and white photo she shared on social media. The actress from the series “Chy³ka” showed up in a bold version.

Magdalena Cielecka is a well-known and respected Polish actress. She has been one of Poles’ favorite actresses for many years. He has appeared in Polish cinema productions. She is known to a wider TV audience thanks to her roles in the series “Hotel 52” and “Czas Honoru”, as well as Joanna Chyłka’s patron in the series “Chyłka”, based on the novel by Remigiusz Mróz.

To the delight of her fans, the artist is also active on social media, where she willingly shares her thoughts and everyday life. She recently published the effects of a photo session taken by Kamila Kicińska.

Magdalena Cielecka on Instagram. The actress showed a bold, black and white frame

The actress has been associated with the Nowy Theater for years, and is currently starring in Krzysztof Warlikowski’s new play “Elizabeth Costello”. Previously, she played in Krzysztof Garbaczewski’s play “Uczta”. Behind the scenes of this art, together with photographer Kamila Kicińska, she made an artistic, black and white frame. Cielecka without clothes for the camera lens. In the photo, the actress poses with her back turned, slightly leaning against the wall and clutching her face, while exposing silver jewelry.

How does Magdalena Cielecka take care of her beauty? The actress revealed the secret of her youthful appearance

Magdalena Cielecka celebrated her 52nd birthday in February this year. Despite the passage of time, the actress still impresses with her beauty and slender figure. Some time ago she admitted what is the secret of her young appearance. In an interview with “Twój Styl” she admitted that leading a healthy lifestyle and “training” her mind are of great importance to her. – I know that I “don’t look my age”, but I also worked hard for it: I take care of my body, I try to lead a healthy lifestyle, be active, and also mentally. I don’t want to sit down and become lazy, even intellectually. My radar is set to interesting people, adventures, searching for something new, she explained.

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