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He was on the verge of winning “Millionaires”.  He gave up when asked about Carmel

He was on the verge of winning “Millionaires”. He gave up when asked about Carmel

In Thursday’s episode of Millionaires, Filip Ku¶mierczyk played for a million again. The participant reached the question worth PLN 500,000, but it turned out to be too difficult.

On Thursday, April 12, Filip Kuśmierczyk continued his game for the million. In the last episode, the participant managed to win PLN 5,000. So this time he started with a question for twice the amount.

Filip Kuśmierczyk quickly solved the first few questions, getting there for a guaranteed sum of PLN 40,000. Although choosing the correct answer seemed trivial at first glance, the participant decided to ask the audience for help.

“Millionaires” Question for PLN 40,000 about the Elbląg Canal:

The Elbląg Canal is the only navigable canal in Poland which vessels cross partly by water and partly by:

  • A) on human shoulders
  • B) donkey cart
  • C) suspended from the helicopter
  • D) trolleys on rails

As many as 96% of the audience chose “D” as the correct answer.

The participant fought bravely to reach the million mark, but at the penultimate question asked by Hubert Urbański, he had to give up the game. It was an issue in the field of geography, which, as Mr. Filip himself admitted, is his Achilles heel.

The half a million question was:

Caramel is the highest:

  • A. the peak of the Atlas Mountains,
  • B. massif on the Mediterranean Sea,
  • C. the top of the Carmel massif,
  • D. massif on the Red Sea.

Aware of the lack of life preservers, the participant tried to analyze the question on his own. However, he did not want to risk losing most of the money he had gained so far, so he asked Hubert Urbański to end the game. It was the best decision that Mr. Filip could have made, because if he had decided to mark “A”, he would have left the millionaire studio with only PLN 40,000. Ultimately, he won as much as 250,000.

Source: Gazeta

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