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The Polish newcomer ranks second in Netflix’s global top list.  Critics: “The actors suffer, the viewer suffers”

The Polish newcomer ranks second in Netflix’s global top list. Critics: “The actors suffer, the viewer suffers”

The Polish romantic comedy increases Netflix’s statistics. It is already a hit in 54 countries around the world. However, critics have a lot of comments about the film.

summarized the last week of March in terms of viewership. Among the most popular films recently, this year’s thriller “The Hunter’s Heart” triumphs. The production attracted viewers for almost 20 million hours.

Netflix summarized the last week of March. Polish production among the hits

Second place was taken by another novelty – “The Irish Wish”. It’s a romantic comedy starring Lindsay Lohan and Ed Speleers. The film has logged over 16 million hours of viewing worldwide, but has not received good reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes, critics rated the film only 40%, and the audience rated it 43.

Closing the podium is “The Lady”, an adventure fantasy with the star of “Stranger Things” – Millie Bobby Brown. Viewers have spent almost 19 million hours in the world of Princess Elodie, and the film has been on the chart for the fourth week.

A separate Netflix ranking is devoted to non-English-language productions, which also have impressive results. In the last week of March, the production entitled “The Price of Fear” about a special team that must transport nitroglycerin through a dangerous desert. It’s all because of a burning oil well that poses a threat to hundreds of people. “Nitroglycerine rinses” was rated by Michał Oleszczyk, author of the Spoiler Master podcast. Viewers watched the film for over 19 million hours.

“Nothing by force” is a global hit on Netflix. Polish film conquered 54 countries

Second place in the global ranking was taken by the Polish production “Nothing by Force” by Bartosz Prokopowicz. The video was watched for almost 18 million hours and recorded almost 10 million views. The romantic comedy was on Netflix’s top list in as many as 54 countries around the world. However, the story of Oliwia, a chef lured to the countryside to save her grandmother’s farm, did not appeal to critics.

“The actors suffer, the audience suffers, everyone suffers, but I appreciate the irony in the title,” writes Piotr Knioła, known as PigOut. Kamil Śmiałkowski is a bit more enthusiastic. “Not such a bad Polish romantic comedy. Podlasie and the actors defend themselves. The rest is clichés and fiddling with frames. But I was afraid it would be worse.” “It neither entertains nor arouses emotions so that we can talk about successful entertainment. It is neither a comedy nor a romance, because both aspects are disappointing in their appearance,” says Adam Siennica from, but emphasizes that the film is not bad at all.

In turn, in the review on we read that “Nothing by force” is simply “casual entertainment, after which life will seem easier and the sun will begin to shine exceptionally brightly.” The text also praised the cast. “The actors shine and charge when they should, never going overboard,” we read.

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