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She wrote several books and now cleans apartments.  How much does a cleaning lady earn?  “I’m not expensive”

She wrote several books and now cleans apartments. How much does a cleaning lady earn? “I’m not expensive”

Cleaning is definitely not the easiest job. It is certainly physically demanding. How much can you earn per month? Writer Natalia Fiedorczuk told the story behind why she started cleaning instead of working in a publishing house.

In February 2022, Batmaid asked Poles why they commission house or apartment cleaning services. The results turned out to be surprising, as as many as 36% of respondents answered that they preferred to pay because they did not like cleaning. 33.45% of respondents replied that they did not have time to do it themselves. What are the applicable cleaning rates?

Is cleaning worth it? The author of the books, who earns extra money as a cleaner, talked about the backstage of her work

Natalia Fiedorczuk, author of books and winner of the “Polityka” Passport, posted an announcement on Facebook saying that she had left the publishing house and was looking for a job.

she assures that she ran her own guesthouse for three years, so she can do it well and accurately. In an interview, she admitted that it is difficult to make a living from creativity and writing books in Poland, so she decided to clean houses and apartments. – I’m not expensive. Depending on the area, I charge from PLN 35 to PLN 45 per hour, but sometimes I charge for the entire house. I have my talents when it comes to cleaning: I don’t use a mop, I wash the floors on my knees. (…) Cleaning is better paid and less mentally draining, she explained.

How much does an hour of cleaning cost? Cleaning companies are most interested before the holidays

Cleaning companies are most interested in this type of services during the pre-Christmas period. Typically, clients bill hourly and rates start from PLN 35, but the more advanced the company, the higher the rates. Additionally, cleaning of windows or the use of professional cleaning products is paid for. – The price of standard cleaning of an apartment of approx. 60 square meters, without children and animals, in which order is kept in order on an ongoing basis, in Warsaw is approx. PLN 200 gross and approx. 4 hours of work – explained in an interview with Karolina MydÅ‚owska, who has been running a cleaning company since 2017.

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