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PiS politicians ended their boycott of TVP.  Marek Czy¿ answers [TYLKO U NAS]

PiS politicians ended their boycott of TVP. Marek Czy¿ answers [TYLKO U NAS]

For over three months, Telewizja Polska has been operating in a new, depoliticized form. Marek Czy¿, who runs the television daily “19:30” on TVP1, in an interview with referred to the end of the “boycott” of Telewizja Polska by United Right politicians. – I have always said that the place of PiS politicians is on Polish Television. You’ve always had them there, ladies and gentlemen. You just had to come, he said. He also stated that carrying out missions without visibility makes no sense.

When the process of depoliticizing public media began in the second half of December 2023, United Right politicians fiercely defended the functioning of the institution under the previous principles. In the first days of the “boycott”, they even occupied the buildings of TVP and PAP, and later they did not want to take part in Telewizja Polska programs broadcast from the headquarters at Woronicza Street.

PiS politicians ended their “boycott” of TVP. Does he answer: There is always a place for you on TVP

Only after three months, representatives of the largest opposition parliamentary club began to appear on TVP journalistic programs. As PiS spokesman Rafał Bochenek said, in the party’s opinion, the “government media taken over by force” do not provide reliable information, which is why the leadership decided to return to “state television” in order to “debunk the falsified reality there.”

The presenter of TVP1 “19:30”, Marek Czyż, who was a guest of, commented on the matter. In the conversation, he agreed that due to the lack of politicians from the largest political camp on the station’s air, it could have been too quiet:

Yes, it was too calm. And there were also accusations that we were skewed left-liberal, because PiS politicians did not even stand up to the hundreds when we wanted to ask them something. They shouted in my friends’ faces that they were illegal. And now they have kindly said that they are ending the “boycott”. Now you say you are ending the ‘boycott’. Okay, I’m very happy. Welcome to Polish Television. Come. You could always come there.

TVP viewership decreased after the changes. Marek Czyż claims that without it the public mission loses its meaning

We also asked the journalist whether the return of United Right politicians could improve TVP Info’s viewership results. After a several-day break in broadcasting, the station cannot regain its audience, a significant part of which went to TV Republika, where “real Polish news” is presented by former national media stars.

Viewership is an important element because hiding behind a mission is lame when you try to do a mission without viewership. A mission without viewers also makes no sense, so we need to take care of it somehow, said Czyż.

The journalist admitted that it is quite possible that the audience will increase when PiS politicians appear in TVP current affairs programs. – When politicians from the coalition and today’s opposition come face to face, maybe it will gain such a temperature that it will also be eagerly watched by conservative-right TV viewers. I don’t know, we have to check, because this boycott ended very recently and we have been experiencing this kindness for a very short time – he said.

Marek Czyż is also the host of the program “Bez retuszu”, which is broadcast every Sunday on TVP Info. Politicians, experts and people from the world of culture take part in the program. The journalist admitted that due to the boycott of opposition politicians, “it was difficult to put together a good and reference group for discussion.” You can watch the entire interview with Marek Czyż here.

Source: Gazeta

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