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She worked in a clothes store.  Tells what sellers do.  “This is really disgusting”

She worked in a clothes store. Tells what sellers do. “This is really disgusting”

She worked in a clothes store.  Tells what sellers do.  “This is really disgusting”

Many people have bought clothes in a well-known clothing store and put them on without washing them first. As it turns out, we should abandon this harmful habit as soon as possible. A tiktoker told us about the terrifying details of the situations that take place in online stores.

Dana, who publishes content on TikTok under the name @octagonglasses, admitted that she was once an employee of a clothing chain. First, she shared an unusual practice that was used at her place of employment. The girl could not come to work wearing clothes of other brands. – And the manager especially liked it when you wore something from the latest collection. “To just advertise it, I guess,” she said.

But – as it turns out – most employees did not buy clothes in this store, or they simply did not have time to buy anything from the new collection. How did they cope then? Most often, when they arrived for their shift, they would take random items for sale and wear them throughout the day until the end of their shift. The clothes were put back on the hanger and later tried on by other customers.

You work all day. You sweat… and at the end of your shift you take off those clothes and put them back in the store. I always thought it was really disgusting

– commented the tiktoker. She added that she did not know whether this “practice” was also observed in other stores, but she appealed to her followers: “Please wash your clothes immediately after buying them. Because they are not as clean as you think.”

She worked in a clothes store. She confessed what the employees did

This is a very important point. All clothes should be washed immediately after purchase. But why? Clothing sold in chain stores is protected with various chemicals to prevent moisture, mold or other preservatives. When these preparations come into contact with our skin, they may cause an allergic reaction, rashes and itching. Additionally, you should remember that many people may have tried on the clothes before you. Some of the clothing could also be moved to different places, which favors the multiplication of bacteria.

Internet users liked the tiktoker’s tip very much and surprised them at the same time. Many people started sharing their own experiences under the video. “In the store where I worked, they used a steamer for clothes before hanging them up again. Which was nice. I once said that to a customer, and I shouldn’t have… oops,” writes one TikTok user.

Same for me. We had a sort of spray that you sprayed on your clothes before hanging them back up after a change

I always wash them because many people have tried them on before me

I worked in sales for 20 years and in every store I worked at we were not allowed to wear clothes we didn’t buy

– we read in the other comments under Dana’s video.

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