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Bad news for flower lovers.  Better not hang them here.  The punishment will be severe

Bad news for flower lovers. Better not hang them here. The punishment will be severe

Spring has already arrived in Poland. Many people who do not have their own garden dream of a bit of nature in their surroundings. That’s why apartment dwellers often hang flowers on their balconies. It turns out that this is not a good idea at all.

Flowers on the balcony are a beautiful decoration not only for household members, but also for passers-by. However, not everyone knows that hanging them on a railing may end badly for our wallet. Why? In some situations, we may face a fine.

Why is there a fine on the balcony? It turns out that flowers can be a big problem. Why?

it’s a private space, but remember that we can’t do whatever we want there. One of the most serious limitations are… flowers. Or rather, their flower pots. What is it about?

Fine for flowers on the balcony? Plant lovers may be in trouble Photo Dawid Żuchowicz / Agencja

People with a balcony like to grow flowers, vegetables, etc. on it. In the summer months, you can often see balconies or terraces decorated with flowers. The view is pleasing to the eye, but it does not necessarily have to please the neighbors who live below us. Water leaking from flower pots can easily dirty their private space, and such behavior may result in a fine.

What should you not do on a balcony in a block of flats? Be careful, because you can pay a fine of up to PLN 500

As we read in, hanging flowers on the balcony can cost up to PLN 500.

Whoever, without due care, displays or hangs heavy objects, throws them, pours liquids, throws away waste, or causes such objects to fall or spill liquids, shall be subject to a fine of up to PLN 500 or a reprimand.

It is also worth remembering that if a flower pot falls and hurts someone, we may be punished much more severely. says that:

Whoever exposes a person to an immediate danger of loss of life, serious bodily injury or serious health disorder shall be subject to the penalty of imprisonment for up to 3 years.

Source: Gazeta

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