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Adidas blocks Germany jerseys with number 44 for Nazi symbolism

Adidas blocks Germany jerseys with number 44 for Nazi symbolism

Adidas AG is preventing the purchase of uniforms customized German football kits after concerns arose that the design of the number 44 resembles a symbol used by Nazi-era SS units.

We have blocked the customization of t-shirts in our online storeAdidas said in a statement. “As a company we are actively against xenophobia, anti-Semitism, violence and hatred in all its forms.”.

German media outlets noted that the serrated design of the number 44 is reminiscent of the SS logo in the shape of a lightning bolt from the famous paramilitary group.

The sporting goods maker said the German football association and its partner, not adidas, are responsible for the design of the numbers on the country’s new soccer jerseys. However, the scandal threatens to put the brand in an embarrassing situation after Adidas came under fire in 2022 for being slow to cancel its Yeezy collaboration with Ye, formerly known as Kanye Westafter the rapper’s anti-Semitic comments.

German shirt number 44 and Nazi SS symbol.

Adidas shares fell 1% on the German stock market, cutting its gain this year to 11%.

Any attempt to promote divisive or exclusionary opinions is not part of our values ​​as a brand and we reject any suggestion that this was our intention.”he declared adidas.

The German football federation said that none of the parties involved noticed any resemblance to Nazi symbols during the design process. However, he is working on an alternative design for the number 4 and reviewing other numbers in coordination with the Union of European Football Associations, he announced in X.

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