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“Three is a woman.”  The station’s new jingle is special for two reasons

“Three is a woman.” The station’s new jingle is special for two reasons

The trio decided to make changes. The Third Program of Polish Radio has a new jingle from the beginning of April. It is unique for two reasons.

“Trójka – Program III Polskie Radio” – we hear in the new jingle, in which the name of the station is read by a female voice. From April 1, Trójka’s soundtrack includes journalists well-known to listeners: Agnieszka Szydłowska, Justyna Grabarz and Katarzyna Borowiecka.

Three has a new jingle. It was created by artificial intelligence

“The original idea was for Justyna, Kasia and Agnieszka to read the jingle at the same time,” says Michał Hoffmann, the sound designer. “But someone came up with a brilliant idea and asked me this question: ‘Is it technically possible to mix the timbres so that Justyna, Kasia and Agnieszka become one person?'” – he recalls the process of working on the jingle.

Artificial intelligence capabilities have come to the rescue and are becoming more advanced every year. “In the field of voice transformation, what was a pipe dream and a fairy tale a year ago is now a common reality,” emphasizes Hoffmann. “When we give a computer a sample of a human voice, it is able to generate an exact copy of this voice, for example for reading audiobooks. But you can also ‘feed’ the algorithm that prepares this sample with three different voices,” he adds. This is what was done while working on the latest jingle of Trójka. The effect can be heard on air.

“Three is a woman.” The station’s new jingle is a mix of three famous voices

This is how Trójka’s new jingle was created, which is the first material in the station’s history in which the voices of journalists were combined using artificial intelligence. In addition, she also seems to emphasize the importance of women’s presence in the editorial office.

Source: Gazeta

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