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Where did metal buttons in jeans pockets come from?  They were not used for decoration

Where did metal buttons in jeans pockets come from? They were not used for decoration

We wear jeans every day, and yet we still know little about them. Meanwhile, they hide many secrets. What is the purpose of the small pocket in the pants, which seems too small for everything and inconvenient to use, and the metal “buttons”?

Fashion is trends that are constantly changing. Most of us who own at least one pair of jeans have often wondered about their individual elements. However, some factors remain unchanged over the years. For example, some women’s items, especially jeans. Tiny buttons in pockets are one of the things that went unnoticed for many years. Few people know their real function.

Jeans secrets. Why do jeans pockets have small buttons? They have a function

Nowadays, “buttons”, i.e. metal rivets in jeans, are sometimes irritating and catch on various objects. In fact, it is not very clear why they were placed in the pants. To explain their presence, we need to go back to the beginnings of the Levi’s company, i.e. in 1873. Hard work in gold mines, on farms and other places meant that men’s denim trousers quickly deteriorated, even when bending, and this especially concerned the pockets that came undone. .

Not for decoration at all. What is that little pocket in your jeans really for? (illustrative photo) Masson/

One of the company’s founders came up with an idea to solve this problem by using metal rivets and a leather press. Thanks to this the seams held better and the pants lasted longer. Currently, metal rivets do not fulfill their original role, but they are still placed on jeans as a decorative feature.

What’s that little pocket in your jeans for? They were not for decoration at all

Jeans have a small pocket, which today is often used to store various items, such as pen drives, coins, tickets, small jewelry or keys. However, it was originally designed to hold a pocket watch. according to the design of Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis as part of the original “dungarees”. Today, small pockets are a feature and a remnant from the old days to maintain the integrity of the original design. There is no use for it because almost no one carries a pocket watch these days.

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