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Natividad Consortium on Chinchero Airport: “We are going to go to arbitration”

Natividad Consortium on Chinchero Airport: “We are going to go to arbitration”

Gerardo Pucciarello, general manager of the Natividad Consortium – the firm in charge of executing the Chinchero International Airport – assured that they will go to international arbitration with the Peruvian State so that their claims are addressed.

During the last meeting of the Transportation and Communications Commission of Congress, which took place this Tuesday in Chinchero, Pucciarello argued that Natividad is not asking for more money than what was signed in the contract, but rather that it must assume “alterations” that lengthen the deadlines. and therefore, the costs — “as happens in every project,” he added.

“The project has 20% more surface area. We want them to recognize the extra areas. Tell a contractor or bricklayer to make you a house of 150 meters to one of 200 meters with the same price. Nobody is going to take it seriously. Therefore, we are going to go to arbitration. It would not be fair if we were not recognized for that,” he commented.

Furthermore, the representative of Natividad indicated that the land with which phase 1 of the project was delivered Chinchero Airport “is not in a position to receive the clue”; Therefore, they propose a reengineering process, which “has not been accepted.”

At the beginning of the day, the MTC indicated that it will deliver S/40 million to the Natividad Consortium to continue with works. For their part, the Chinchero PMO (Project Management Office) points out that there is no reason for “the sit-in” that Natividad is doing despite the complexities of the work.

Source: Larepublica

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