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Shannen Doherty is preparing to die.  She has taken important steps

Shannen Doherty is preparing to die. She has taken important steps

Shannen Doherty, star of “Beverly Hills 90210”, suffers from breast cancer. In recent days, the actress announced that she is preparing for death and, to make life easier for her loved ones, she will sell her own property.

I suffer from stage four breast cancer. In recent months, the actress has announced that she has brain metastases, but she does not give up and, despite the disease, tries to live a normal life. However, the diagnoses are inexorable and the “Beverly Hills 90210” star’s condition is not improving. Doherty decided to finally put her affairs in order.

Shannen Doherty is selling off her estate in the event of her death

Shannen Doherty decided to get rid of as much of her assets as possible. The actress said in the “Let’s be clear with Shannen Doherty” podcast that it was part of sorting things out in case her illness ended in death. As she said, she doesn’t want to leave her loved ones with the problem:

Cancer caused me to change my priorities, and now my priority is my mother. I don’t want her to have to deal with all this later. I don’t want her to have to wade through four storage bins just because I’m the one obsessed with furniture. And I have accumulated so much shit… – she added with a laugh.

It doesn’t make me happy anymore. Others are not happy either. So do I really need all this? Do I really need three dining tables? The answer is no, none of us really need all the stuff we have and we would all benefit from reducing the amount of it. You need to stop being a hoarder like me when it comes to furniture. (…) It sounds like you’re getting rid of it because it was special and important to you. But in fact, it is the only way that will give you a sense of peace. In this way, you help the people who will remain after you to have an easier and cleaner transition after what happens, she said.

Shannen Doherty announced in 2020 that her cancer had returned. .

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