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Not only stripes are slimming.  Choose these clothes.  There will be no trace of the tire

Not only stripes are slimming. Choose these clothes. There will be no trace of the tire

Do you want to look slimmer? It turns out that clothes can help you with this, because a properly selected outfit can visually make your figure smaller. Here are tricks that will make your sides less visible.

How to slim down with clothes? A well-chosen wardrobe can make you look much better and no one will notice you. We explain what is worth having in your wardrobe and how to choose clothes to achieve the best effect. With these tricks you will slim your figure in just a few minutes.

How to dress to slim your figure? Not only vertical stripes will make you look better

Instead of buying too big ones to hide the kilos, start dressing consciously and you will certainly look better. Clothes should fit perfectly, i.e. neither too tight nor too loose, because otherwise it will highlight what you want to hide in your figure. However, there are styles and patterns that will make the tire and belly less conspicuous.

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Remember that horizontal stripes thicken vertical ones are slimming. Clothes with vertical stripes will optically lengthen your body and make you appear slimmer. Women with fuller figures should also choose styles in solid colors, because they give the impression of one long line. You will get a similar effect if you combine white with black.

What color slims the figure? You don’t have to only wear black. Choose these colors and you will look great

The colors of clothes are also important. Everyone knows that black is slimming, but you can also choose other darker colors. Bottle green, navy blue or burgundy will work well. You will also achieve a slimming effect thanks to: blouses with a neckline in the so-called cheese, i.e. in the letter “V” and thanks high-waisted trousers, especially if you tuck your blouse into them. Then the legs will seem much longer than they actually are.

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