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A few drops are enough to make crow’s feet less visible.  You will reduce wrinkles in 15 minutes

A few drops are enough to make crow’s feet less visible. You will reduce wrinkles in 15 minutes

Wrinkles around the eyes are a problem that affects all of us. They appear early, around the age of 25. With age, they become deeper and more visible. If you want to smooth it out, try a homemade mask. These are just two ingredients.

Time does not spare any of us, so sooner or later we will notice wrinkles on the forehead, neck and around the eyes. Although these are natural signs of skin aging, they are difficult to accept. They don’t look aesthetically pleasing, so we look for ways to level them and make them shallower. Instead of buying expensive creams in drugstores, choose a mask. You will see the difference in appearance after the first use.

Do you have wrinkles around your eyes? Home remedies will help you reduce them

The first wrinkles begin to appear around the age of 25. After the age of 40, this process unfortunately accelerates and the marks around the eyes, mouth and nose become deeper and deeper. Proper care can delay the appearance of wrinkles and reduce their visibility. You don’t have to spend millions on special cosmetics. Natural methods are equally effective and much cheaper.

You especially need to take care of the area around your eyes, which is very thin and devoid of fatty tissue. She is irritated by, among other things, dry air. The wrinkles around the eyes are called crow’s feet, which appear radially (like hen’s feet) in the outer corners of the eyes. A homemade mask based on a product from the kitchen cabinet comes to the rescue.

Homemade masks for wrinkles Homemade masks for wrinkles undrey/iStock

How to get rid of wrinkles around the eyes? Combine two ingredients from the kitchen

To prepare the anti-wrinkle mask, you will need two ingredients: olive oil and lemon juice. Mix a tablespoon of olive oil with four drops of juice and apply to the skin around the eyes. Do an allergy test on your hands first. Leave the mixture for 15 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. Olive oil contains antioxidants and vitamin C, which inhibit the skin aging process. Lemon juice will additionally make it elastic. A mask made from one egg white, a bit of milk and a spoon of honey will also work very well for chicken feet. Apply the mixture to the skin, wait 20 minutes and wash off. The complexion will be nourished and wrinkles will be less visible. We also have one tip for you: when applying cream or concealer, pat it in with your ring finger, not rub it.

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