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What happens to our body when we don’t go outside?  You may be surprised

What happens to our body when we don’t go outside? You may be surprised

Remote work has given many people much more opportunities, as most people who have the opportunity to work this way will probably say. However, we do not realize how many threats this lifestyle poses to our health. Feeling worse is just the beginning.

We have been living in a rush for many years. We are constantly chasing something, we are in a hurry, we cannot stand still. For several years now, the possibility of remote work has become available. Seemingly, this is a great option for those who, for example, would have to spend several hours a day commuting to and from work, as well as for parents with small children who were unable to arrange child care. But not everyone realizes that it also has many consequences. Working from home, and therefore the lack of regular walks, fresh air and exercise, can have a very negative impact not only on our well-being.

What happens to our body if we don’t go outside?

First, your mood deteriorates. This is mainly due to the low levels of sunlight your body receives. This affects the level of serotonin, also known as the “happiness hormone”. It is a kind of stabilizer of our mood and directly affects our well-being. Experts from the University of Cambridge conducted a study which showed that people who spend most of their time indoors produce less serotonin. It may also increase levels of aggression. Secondly, staying at home for too long negatively affects our daily cycle. Spending too little time outdoors disrupts the process of melanin formation. Difficulty getting out of bed in the morning is the first symptom that should worry you.

Staying at home has many more consequences than you might think

Not going outside also means a lower level of vitamin D. And this is associated with an increasing number of health problems, more pain and deterioration of the intestines. When we don’t go outside for a long time, we may experience “cabin fever.” It manifests itself mainly through boredom, agitation and general dissatisfaction. But that’s still not all. Lack of regular going outside also means: worsening allergies, increased stress, memory problems, increased feeling of depression and fatigue, risk of obesity and other diseases, as well as significant vision problems. There is no need to convince anyone that regular walks bring us much more benefits than anyone might think. Just a few minutes a day is enough for our body to feel the beneficial effects of outdoor activity, regardless of the weather.

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