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For 5 years he played Piotruś in the series “Neighbors”.  Then it disappeared from the screens.  We know what’s going on with him

For 5 years he played Piotruś in the series “Neighbors”. Then it disappeared from the screens. We know what’s going on with him

Although he played the role of the resolute Piotruś for almost a decade, he did not link his future with acting. However, he is still present in the industry, standing on the other side of the camera. How has Julian Kamecki changed since his screen debut?

is one of the most popular Polish comedy series, which was recorded with audience participation and broadcast in the years 2000-2005. His script was a medley of inspiration from three American productions from the 1970s: “Man About the House”, “George and Mildred” and “Three’s Company”. Each episode lasted about 25 minutes, each time attracting millions of viewers who followed the funny fate and adventures of the main characters with bated breath.

“Tenants” was a real hit on Polish television. The heroes’ fate was continued by the spin-off “Neighbors”

The success of the sitcom was undoubtedly determined by the engaging plot full of unexpected plot twists and tear-jerking moments. The star cast, composed of the title tenants: Agnieszka Michalska, Olga Borys, Michał Lesień, Maciej Kowalewski, and .

The viewers also remembered the owners of the apartment, Mr. and Mrs. Helena and Stanisław Bogacki, played by Ewa Szykulska and , as well as their friends, Patrycja and Cezary Cwał-Wi¶niewscy (played by Małgorzata Lewińska and Michał Milowicz). The spin-off production, “Neighbors”, broadcast from 2003 to 2008 on Channel One, was especially devoted to the last four characters.

He was the youngest actor in “Tenants” and “Neighbors”. What’s up with Piotruś in the series?

Without a doubt, the greatest sensation was caused by the brilliant Piotruś Cwał Wiśniewski, portrayed on screen by Julian Kamecki. The aspiring actor, although he was only a few years old when he joined “Tenants”, quickly stole the hearts of viewers and kept up with his older colleagues. The sympathy he gained meant that he also appeared in the sequel of the production.

Many predicted a spectacular career and success in the industry, but he had a completely different plan for his life. When the last flop occurred on the set in 2008, Kamecki’s adventure with acting also ended. At that time, Piotruś in the series focused on education and the development of his interests, and these, as it turned out, were to some extent related to film.

After years of searching for his own path, he finally understood what he wanted to do professionally. Today he is an adult and successfully works on the other side of the camera. Kamecki is a cinematographer and produces television and film productions as well as commercials. He also runs his own studio, where he hosts stars such as Olga Borys, whom he met years ago on the set of “Tenants”.

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