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MEF prepares change of the head of the Sunat, Luis Enrique Vera

MEF prepares change of the head of the Sunat, Luis Enrique Vera

The owner of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), José Arista, has confirmed the departure of the head of Sunat, Luis Enrique Vera Castillo, to refresh the institution and for the new management to focus on expanding the tax base. Although he did not specify when the change will take place, he did say that he has two “very good” candidates.

“My diagnosis about Sunat, looking at the collection data and in my opinion, I cannot find justification for such a sharp drop in collection. So, “Evaluating the management a little, it has been seen necessary to refresh the National Superintendency of Tax Administration, obviously betting on the expansion of the tax base.”detailed the Arista official at the press conference held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Energy and Mines (Minem).

The minister pointed out that, in Latin America, our tax pressure is one of the lowest, We were at 16.5% and now we are at 14.5%.

“In this past year we have lost two percentage points of tax pressure. So, when a soccer team is going to play five games in a row and they are beaten in five games, what do you do? Change the coach, in first place, even if we like him,” said the head of the MEF.

He also asked the Congress of the republic and to the other members of the ministerial portfolio who do not generate sectoral reactivations based on tax incentives, such as the elimination or reduction of taxes. “What the country in general needs is greater tax collection. If we don’t do it, we cannot meet the basic needs of the country,” I note.

In this way, he concluded by emphasizing that the new authority of the Sunat will focus on broadening the tax base and “abandoning the autopilot policy.”

Source: Larepublica

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