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He gained popularity as Kuba from “M jak mi¶æ”.  His sister also became an actress

He gained popularity as Kuba from “M jak mi¶æ”. His sister also became an actress

Although Krzysztof Kwiatkowski has had many roles on the small and big screen, he is known to a wider audience mainly for the series “M jak mi¶æ”. Despite his unwavering popularity, the actor protects his privacy, and it is in vain to look for photos of him with his loved ones on the Internet. What is known about his life off-screen?

Krzysztof Kwiatkowski showed artistic talents and interests when he was still a child. In 2006, he began performing with the Chris Peter Band and began his theatrical career, playing alongside Jerzy Stuhr in the play “The Second Fall or Godot, Act III” by Sylviane Dupuis, directed by Jabrzyk.

He plays Kuba in “M jak miłość”. Krzysztof Kwiatkowski has produced more hit productions

However, his professional career began three years later, when he obtained a diploma from the Krakow theater school and joined the cast of the Warsaw Studio Theater, where he made his debut with the main role in the play “Nienasycenie” directed by Tomasz Hynek. Later he also performed on the stages of the Stu Theater in Krakow and the Polish Theater in Warsaw. He appeared on screen for the first time in 2010, playing the role of receptionist Artur Górski in the hit “Hotel 52” by Polsat.

In the following years, he appeared in productions such as “Straight to the Heart”, “First Love”, and “The Prosecutor”. The real breakthrough came in 2017, when he was cast as Sub-Inspector Jakub Karski in (available on ). Although initially his hero was perceived as a lover, he quickly stabilized himself with Kasia (played by Paulina Lasota), with whom he formed a close-knit marriage. What is the actor’s private life like?

Does Krzysztof Kwiatkowski have a wife? This is known about the actor’s private life

Few know that Krzysztof Kwiatkowski comes from a family with artistic roots. He is the son of the famous music and theater producer, Leszek Kwiatkowski. His mother Małgorzata, who works as a set and costume designer in the theater, and his sister Alicja, an actress at the Polish Theater in Wrocław, are also connected with the world of art.

Despite his popularity, Kwiatkowski protects his private life and does not flaunt it in the media. He only publishes work-related photos online, rarely gives interviews, and when he does appear at industry events, it is always alone. He made an exception only in 2014, when during the premiere of one of his films he was accompanied by Kinga Głuc, whom he met on the set of “Hotel 52”. However, he never revealed the nature of this relationship and what its fate was.

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