Three more women join the accusations of sexual violence against the filmmaker Carlos Vermouth, a month after ‘El País’ made public the stories of three first victims. Now, the same newspaper publishes the testimonies of three other women who denounce that the director kept violent sexual relations with them without your consent between 2012 and January of this same year.

Specifically, an artist – who is now a social educator -, a cultural manager and an actress join the accusations revealed in late January by the same medium, which initially collected complaints from a film student, an employee of one of Vermut’s productions and a worker in the cultural sector.

Thus, this Tuesday ‘El País’ collects the testimony of the now social educator, who denounces that Carlos Vermut forced her to have anal sex without consent and caused a tear in October 2012. The same victim tells how he forced her to keep sexual relations on his doorstep, against his willhurting him.

For her part, the cultural manager recounts a sexual encounter with beatings and strangulations in August 2013, which describes as “violence for violence’s sake”“humiliation for humiliation” and “one person crushing the other”, as reported in the same newspaper.

The third testimony that now sees the light is equally shocking and the most recent: it corresponds to an actress who had a relationship with the director between the spring of 2023 and January of this same year. In her case, she denounces that the filmmaker He forced her to have violent sex on two occasions that she did not consent, after months of “psychological manipulation.”

“Without saying a word He grabbed my hair and slammed me against the wall. “He used me,” says this woman, who says that she saw him for the last time on the morning of January 1, after a situation that she describes as “entrapped” in which the filmmaker had sexual relations with her and another woman, whom he did not know. she knew, without caring that they felt “uncomfortable.” After what happened, she spent 10 days in bed and called 016, where according to the woman’s story they told her that they could not help her.

Since then, she has been diagnosed with insomnia, hypervigilance and anxiety and has had suicidal thoughts. Furthermore, he went to an office of the Madrid City Council to assist victims of sexual violence, as verified by ‘El País’, which, as in its first investigation, maintains the anonymity of the victims and has sworn statements from all of them. , as well as documentary material and testimonies from people around them that support their stories.