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The head of Nvidia announces the “death” of coding.  In his opinion, people should learn agriculture

The head of Nvidia announces the “death” of coding. In his opinion, people should learn agriculture

Jensen Huang believes that children should stop learning coding. In his opinion, knowledge of programming languages ​​will soon become unnecessary. All thanks to artificial intelligence. According to Nvidia’s CEO, we should all focus on developing more practical skills.

Jensen Huang, president of Nvidia, last week appeared at the World Government Summit in Dubai, where (not for the first time) he argued that coding will soon become an unnecessary skill. Huang said that although we are in the early stages of the artificial intelligence revolution, AI can already replace us in many programming tasks.

The head of the largest manufacturer of AI systems in the world criticized his colleagues from the technology industry who have been repeating the mantra for years that programming is an “essential” skill for young people.

Our task is to create technology so that none of us will have to program. When a programming language is a human language, then everyone in the world is a programmer. It’s a miracle of artificial intelligence

– Huang said during the conference.

In his opinion, instead of coding, young people should focus on developing more useful and practical skills. He mentioned, among others: biology, education, production and agriculture. Huang also stated that we should strive for the only language we will need to be our natural language, in which we are all already experts.

Theses presented by Huang were criticized by some experts. Patrick Moorhead, an analyst and one of the most recognized authorities in the new technologies industry, noted that the “death” of coding has been announced many times.

I’ve been hearing for 30 years that XYZ will ‘kill coding’ and yet we still don’t have enough programmers

– he wrote on the X website. In his entry, Moorhead also mentioned a number of tools that were supposed to “kill” coding in the past, but have not done so yet.

Nvidia is the new king of AI

Jensen Huang obviously has reasons for saying what he says. Nvidia, which was previously famous for producing GeForce series graphics cards, found itself at the very center of the AI ​​revolution. The increasing popularity of tools such as ChatGPT has made more and more companies look for a way to “tame” artificial intelligence and use it in business. This is where Nvidia comes into play, having been investing in this technology for years.

To say that Nvidia is a monopoly in the AI ​​chip industry today is an understatement. The company has about 80 percent of the market share in these devices, and there are queues of people waiting for its most popular H100 and A100 systems.

Last week, Nvidia presented financial results that once again exceeded all analysts’ expectations. The company’s revenue in the last quarter increased by 265 percent to $22.1 billion, and profit by a trivial – 769 percent to $12.3 billion.

The market capitalization of the manufacturer of graphics and AI chips has already exceeded $1.95 trillion. Thus, Nvidia overtook both Alphabet and Amazon, becoming the third most expensive American company listed on the stock exchange – after Microsoft and Apple.

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