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Samsung introduced a smart ring

Samsung introduced a smart ring

Samsung talks about the functions of the Galaxy Ring smart ring

The South Korean corporation Samsung presented the Galaxy Ring smart ring at the MWC 2024 exhibition. This was reported by CNBC TV channel.

Company representatives showed the smart ring for the first time after the device was announced in mid-January. The device has the design of a regular ring and sensors located on the inside. Galaxy Ring allows you to record the distance traveled, heart rate, breathing rate, and sleep quality. The device does not have a screen; information is displayed in a smartphone application.

According to Hong Pak, head of digital health at Samsung Electronics, the ring collects and analyzes data, based on which it shows the user how productive he is at a given time. Park also said that the company’s engineers are thinking about adding a contactless payment function.

“I think we have some room for further development,” Hong Park said. A Samsung representative emphasized that the corporation’s engineers are currently working on non-invasive glucose monitoring and a sensor that will measure blood pressure. These features may appear in future versions of the ring.

The company did not disclose the cost of the device or the release date for the Galaxy Ring.

In mid-February, scientists at the University of Washington (WU) developed the concept of a new type of wearable gadget designed to collect health indicators. Experts noted that, first of all, such devices will record the temperature of the user’s body and the environment.

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