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What to spend PLN 59.90 on?  The perfect transitional jacket from Lidl.  It is light and beautiful!  Sizeer and 4F respond

What to spend PLN 59.90 on? The perfect transitional jacket from Lidl. It is light and beautiful! Sizeer and 4F respond

Are you looking for a comfortable, light and cheap spring jacket? Take PLN 59 and run to Lidl – you will find the solution there. The popular discount store once again surprised its customers. In his offer? Outerwear perfect for the transitional period!

Light, stylish and incredibly cheap – these are just a few words to describe the mid-season jacket that you can now find in Lidl. For only PLN 59.90 you can become the owner of an outerwear that will serve you for years! You read that right! Quilted jackets never go out of fashion and go with everything. Sounds encouraging, right?

transitional quilted jackets Lidl

If you don’t have a light quilted jacket in your wardrobe yet, be sure to consider the offer from Lidl. With a hood, a stand-up collar, a zipper or maybe buttons? This fashionable outerwear is available in a popular discount store in various styles and colors. However, we can read on the Lidl website that the interest in jackets is really high and it pays to be quick.

Worth checking:

There has never been a spring jacket like this at such a low price! The quilted model from Lidl is a gem

It’s high time to hide heavy and thick coats and winter jackets at the bottom of the wardrobe. The temperature is getting higher and higher, and we can see more and more sun outside the windows. What does it mean? It’s high time to switch to light jackets. Quilted models are an ideal option for those of us who value both style and comfort on a daily basis. If until now you thought that they only fit jeans and sports sneakers, it’s time to put an end to this misconception.

Quilted jackets will also work perfectly with elegant trousers and loafers. You can match them with a chic scarf and a fashionable styling is ready! However, this is just one of many ways to wear these fashionable jackets.

Be warned – once you own this outerwear, you won’t want to take it off until summer.

Quilted, light jackets are a must-have for spring. They match everything!

It’s also worth mentioning that you don’t have to break the bank if you decide to on purchasing a quilted jacket. Models from Lidl are a perfect example of this, but this is not the only place where you can find these chic jackets. I also found many original styles in goodlookin, Mohito and Sizeer stores.

As soon as I put on this stylish Mohito jacket for the first time, all my friends immediately decided that they had to have it in their collection. No wonder! This model will be a hit among women of all ages!

Source: Gazeta

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