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Indecopi investigates the Municipality of Miraflores for preventing activities of influencers and ice cream makers

Indecopi investigates the Municipality of Miraflores for preventing activities of influencers and ice cream makers

Indecopi initiated ex officio investigations against the District Municipality of Miraflores after warning that said entity imposes measures that would affect the economic activities of ice cream makers, content creators and flyer distributors, the same ones that could constitute possible illegal or unreasonable bureaucratic barriers.

In response to the dissemination of various journalistic news, the Technical Secretariat of the Commission for the Elimination of Bureaucratic Barriers (CEB) of Indecopi learned that the commune requires municipal authorizations for the activity of itinerant ambulatory commerce by ice cream makers.

In addition, he learned that he is requesting municipal authorizations to make recordings on public roads by content creators, such as Luis Carlos Burneo, YouTuber of ‘Henry Spencer’s Room’, who usually does interviews in the streets of different districts of the capital; and when he does it in Miraflores, he is usually intervened by the municipality’s security personnel.

Meanwhile, the entity also gathered that the commune prohibited the activity of leafleting on public roads, as was learned after the singer Milena Warthon was expelled from Kennedy Park by the night watchmen because she was handing out leaflets to promote one of his concerts.

Therefore, as part of the investigations, the Technical Secretariat of the CEB requested information from the aforementioned municipality, with the purpose of evaluating the support for the legality and reasonableness of the imposed measures.

“Indecopi reminds officials, public servants and the general public that Law 27972, Organic Law of Municipalities, has determined that district municipalities must fulfill their task of regulating and supervising outpatient commerce and advertising in their districts, with subject to the rules established by the provincial municipality,” the entity said.

Furthermore, the authority in charge of protecting consumer rights points out that all public administration entities are subject to the principle of legality established in Law 27444, Law of General Administrative Procedure, according to which their actions must respect the Constitution, the law and the right.

What is a bureaucratic barrier?

A bureaucratic barrier is any demand, requirement, limitation, prohibition or charge imposed by any entity, aimed at conditioning, restricting or hindering the access or permanence of economic agents in the market, or that may affect citizens in the processing of procedures. administrative procedures subject to the rules and principles that guarantee administrative simplification, according to Indecopi.

Source: Larepublica

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