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Get your FREE property title via Cofopri!  Review the procedure and requirements to access

Get your FREE property title via Cofopri! Review the procedure and requirements to access

The legal security of housing in Peru is a priority for the Informal Property Formalization Agency (Cofopri). With the aim of massifying the obtaining of free property titles, the entity has launched a campaign that seeks to increase residential formality and provide state benefits to Peruvian families.

During 2024, teams will be deployed in various regions to register potential beneficiaries. Interested parties must pay attention to the specific dates and meet a series of requirements to participate in this initiative that promises to reduce housing informality and improve the well-being of countless families.

Cofopri 2024: how to obtain a free property title?

To access this opportunity, citizens must follow a detailed process. First of all, it is necessary to check the Cofopri visit schedule in your region. You can see the February schedule HERE and the March schedule will be published very soon. Subsequently, the required documentation must be prepared and presented, which will be specified by the agency.

These are the requirements to request your free property title, according to Cofopri

If you are in an informal situation and wish to regularize your status, Cofopri has established what documents you need to prove your ownership.

  • Original receipt for water, electricity, telephone, payment of taxes or others that prove the occupation and length of possession in the home.
  • Original National Identity Document (DNI).
  • Original purchase-sale contract, public deed, proof of possession or any other document that accredits them as owners of the lot.

If you are interested in this campaign, be sure to keep an eye on updates through their official networks so that you have all your documents on the date indicated.

What is the Cofopri registration like?

The registration procedure begins when the AH or population center receives notification of the visit date scheduled by Cofopri. Each lot holder must be present with documentation ready.

Then you will have a visit from the Cofopri technician at your home, do not forget that you have to identify yourself with your ID and show all your documents in order. If everything is correct, the property title will be delivered in a massive event.

What is Cofopri?

The Informal Property Formalization Agency (Cofopri) is a Peruvian government entity that plays a crucial role in the formalization of real estate properties. Its main mission is to convert informal land ownership into formally recognized and registered property. This not only provides legal certainty to owners, but also facilitates access to basic services and credit opportunities.

Cofopri is responsible for the identification, titling and registration of properties, working in both urban and rural areas. Through its programs, it seeks to reduce informality in land ownership, thus promoting sustainable development and social inclusion. In addition, the entity collaborates with local governments and other institutions to guarantee an efficient and accessible formalization process for all Peruvian citizens.

Source: Larepublica

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