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How to unscrew a tightly screwed jar?  Forget about struggling with the nut.  “It’s witchcraft”

How to unscrew a tightly screwed jar? Forget about struggling with the nut. “It’s witchcraft”

How to unscrew a jar without any effort? Each of us has probably struggled with a nut at some point. Although there are times when this one doesn’t give up, you don’t need superhero powers. All you need are some clever tricks, thanks to which you can open the jar quickly and effortlessly.

A sucked jar cap is a more common problem than we would like. This especially applies to home-made preserves, which, due to pasteurization, can become clogged so badly that even superhero force does not help, and special tools for unscrewing jars and openers are ineffective. In such situations, we often give up. It turns out that it was unnecessary. Just reach for the smart ones that will help you quickly deal with stubborn nuts. Check how to open a jar without using force.

How to unscrew a jar without using force? He showed a quick trick

Problems with unscrewing the jar have a simple cause: the negative pressure created during pasteurization. However, it sometimes happens that the reason is simply that the nut is tightened extremely tightly. In both cases, the result is the same: a jar that requires superhuman strength to open.

How to open a jar without using force? The clever trick was demonstrated on his Instagram by chef Anatolii Dobrovolskyi, who shares many useful kitchen tricks with his fans on social media. In the video he published, you can see how he is tightening the nut. After a while, however, he reaches for a home-made method thanks to which the jar will be opened in a few seconds.

It turns out that all you need to open the jar is a spoon. Turn the jar upside down and then use a spoon to pry off the cap. Do this with the convex side of the spoon, placing it between the cap and the thread, and then pressing it against the jar. If necessary, repeat this several times in different places. When you see air bubbles or hear a characteristic hiss, it means that you can unscrew the jar without unnecessary effort.

In the comments, the chef’s fans pointed out that the method will also work without turning the jar upside down, although this will make prying the cap easier. Instead of a spoon, you can also use a fork or knife, although the latter method may be dangerous if you use a sharp cutting knife. A blunt knife, e.g. for butter or spreading, will be better.

I always open jars like this.

Works every time.

It’s witchcraft!

How to unscrew a tightly screwed jar? Forget about wrestling with the nut

However, this is not the only method to open a jar without using force. Another and equally simple way to get rid of the vacuum that makes it difficult to unscrew the nut is to use grandma’s old tapping method. All you need to do is hit the nut on the countertop, table or floor several times. After a while you should hear a hissing noise. However, this method has one drawback. Knocking deforms the cap, so it will no longer be possible to re-use it for subsequent preserves. If you don’t want to destroy it, you can reach for a wooden spoon and hit the bottom of the jar a few times. Hold it in your hands at a slight angle to make it easier to remove the vacuum.

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To open the jar without the risk of damaging the cap, you can use another method. Although it takes a while, it will still make the opened jar look like new. You will need a pot and boiling water. Place it upside down in a pot, then pour hot water over it and wait a few minutes. Under the influence of temperature, the vacuum should decrease and the caps should come out without any problems.

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