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He played Jesus in Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ.”  Now He Calls Donald Trump ‘The New Moses’

He played Jesus in Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ.” Now He Calls Donald Trump ‘The New Moses’

Although James Caviezel has appeared in many excellent productions, Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” undoubtedly remains one of the most important titles in his achievements. The film’s undoubted success, however, did not translate into the development of his career, which stalled immediately after its premiere. What is the life of an actor who portrayed Jesus Christ on the screen like today?

The director’s “The Passion of the Christ” debuted on the big screen in March 2004 and since then has been considered one of the most popular biblical dramas in the history of cinema. The painting shows the last 12 hours of the life of Jesus of Nazareth, played by . Although the role brought him recognition and crowds of loyal fans, it had a negative impact on his further career.

After “The Passion of the Christ”, Caviezel underwent heart surgery. All because of the injuries he suffered on the set

James Caviezel took his first steps in the industry in the early 1990s, playing mainly episodes. The breakthrough came with the film “The Thin Red Line”, which became his ticket to the world of Hollywood. He then appeared in many great productions, including: in “Angel Eyes” or “GI Jane”, after which critics began to predict a spectacular career for him. When Mel Gibson asked him to play in “The Passion of the Christ”, he was happy because he never hid his deep faith in God. However, he knew that the role could ruin everything he had worked so hard and persistently for. – We all carry a cross – to the director, informing him about our awareness of possible consequences.

These, as is commonly known, were confirmed, because although the film attracted crowds to cinemas, earning over $600 million and receiving as many as 3 nominations, Caviezel was pigeonholed. – As soon as I made “The Passion of the Christ”, other offers stopped coming – he said directly in People magazine. This was not the only price he had to pay for the role of Jesus, because working on the set was a challenge, especially physical. The actor struggled with pneumonia, had a dislocated shoulder, and incidents involving lightning had serious health consequences. – The makeup burned my skin. I also had pneumonia. I was struck by lightning three times, lighting up like a Christmas tree, and eventually I underwent two heart surgeries, he recalled in one of the interviews.

Caviezel is a passionate activist. His views cause controversy

Despite many inconveniences, Caviezel never regretted his decision. He has been a declared Catholic for years and tries to follow the commandments every day. In 1996, he married English teacher Keria Browitt, with whom he adopted three seriously ill children from China. – Their chance of survival was not great, but I wanted to help. Children make me want to be a better person, he said. He uses his popularity to convert others and promote good examples.

The 55-year-old also openly opposes abortion, urging women to protect unborn life. – Even if I don’t really know who Jesus is (…) something inside me, my own conscience, reminds me: This is immoral. It’s bad. Why are we doing this? – he explained in one of the interviews. However, his political views are the most controversial. He supports Donald Trump, whom he has publicly called the “new Moses” several times. Additionally, it supports organizations fighting human trafficking and helps survivors.

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