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After how long does my debt no longer appear in Infocorp?

After how long does my debt no longer appear in Infocorp?

Infocorp is an entity in Peru that is responsible for collecting information from the Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and AFP (SBS) on debts and credit behavior of citizens. Therefore, if you are thinking about requesting a loan, it is vital that you review your debt report so that you can protect your financial security.

However, it is important that you know that, after a few years, Infocorp no longer records your unpaid debts, which has a significant impact on your credit history. To provide greater clarity on this topic The Republic interviewed Javier Mori, legal manager of Equifax, this way you will be able to understand the deadlines and make more informed financial decisions.

What is Infocorp and what information does it collect?

Infocorp is a risk center that gathers information from the financial system and other entities that offer credit. Javier Mori emphasizes that all people who have some type of credit relationship with the financial system appear in the credit reports.

“The information that Infocorp collects is positive and negative, that is, it is information of good compliance, adequate compliance and obligations, as well as information in which the person has not complied with his debt,” said the legal manager of Equifax.

After how many years does my debt no longer appear in Infocorp?

There are three general ways to appear on Infocorp. There is the person who pays his debts regularly and then appears as a good payer. At the other extreme is someone who has unpaid debts. And in the intermediate case is the citizen who at some point became delinquent, but who was able to pay his debts. For each situation, there is a deadline to appear on Infocorp.

“If I have a debt and I keep it unpaid, it is no longer visible in the Infocorp registry after five years. The debt does not disappear, I still owe the bank, but it is no longer visible on a credit report. In addition, there is another case in which I have a delinquent debt, but then I pay it off late. This historical information is maintained not for a period of five years, but for a period of two years in accordance with existing regulations,” explains Javier Mori.

How to obtain your Infocorp report?

Credit bureaus such as Infocorp-Equifax gather financial data from various sources. According to Equifax’s legal manager, these agencies not only have current information, but also historical information.

To know your pending debts in Infocorp, you only need your ID and follow these steps:

  • Visit the Equifax portal through this LINK.
  • Register or enter your profile, write your ID and email, among other details.
  • This service costs S/29.90, but there is a free option.
  • You will receive the information by email in a few minutes.

It is essential to highlight that there is no “black list” in Infocorp, since all Peruvian adults are registered. Depending on your credit history, you may have positive information if you paid your debts on time, or negative information if you have unpaid debts.

Source: Larepublica

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