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AFP Retirement 2024: they call for mobilization to demand the approval of a new disbursement of up to S/20,600

AFP Retirement 2024: they call for mobilization to demand the approval of a new disbursement of up to S/20,600

Thousands of AFP members are awaiting the next debate on the bills to authorize a new disbursement of private pension funds, which could restart in March, during the second semester of the 2023-2024 legislature of the Congress of The Republic. In this regard, various congressmen have requested to prioritize the debate and approval of the seventh withdrawal in the Economy Commission, without much success.

In this framework, José Luna, parliamentarian of Podemos Peru, announced the call for a second mobilization to demand that the release of up to 4 UITs from the Individual Capitalization Accounts (CIC) be addressed quickly in the Legislative Branch, as well as the return total contributions to the defunct National Housing Fund (Fonavi) and compliance with the Recognition Bonus Law.

AFP retirement march: when and where will it take place?

Through his social networks, the Podemos Peru congressman announced the call for a second mobilization to demand the urgent approval of the disbursement of up to 4 UIT from the AFP, which will take place next Tuesday, March 5 and will begin in Campo de Marte . Let us remember that the first took place on November 9, 2023 in the same place.

“This march will tell our authorities that the country can no longer bear it: the brutal recession, the rise in prices of essential products, and the layoffs that occur every day, while the purchasing power of salaries is going down. diluting in this crisis. Let us not allow either Congress or the Executive to respond to subordinate interests or those of large companies, while ignoring those who suffer the most from this recession,” said the legislator.

Likewise, he indicated that coordination has begun with various organizations that would gather at this march to raise this demand to the authorities of the Executive Branch and the Congress of the Republic. These powers, so far, have not reached a consensus to give the green light to the prediction which authorizes an optional withdrawal of up to 4 UIT from the AFPs.

“Congress must immediately approve the law that authorizes the withdrawal of the 4 UITs from the funds administered by the AFP. We Peruvians are not asking for handouts or subsidies, we only intend that, with our own resources, we overcome the crisis,” said Luna. In addition, he recalled that in this mobilization the full return of contributions to Fonavi will also be requested, as well as compliance with the Recognition Bonus Law.

What was the last debate on the AFP withdrawal in Congress?

The Economy, Banking, Finance and Financial Intelligence Commission held its last session on Wednesday, December 13 and although the projects to authorize a new withdrawal of up to 4 UITs from the AFP were not on the agenda, parliamentarian Guido Bellido requested their inclusion . However, this proposal was rejected with 12 votes against and only 11 in favor.

Despite this, this was not the only time that an agreement was not reached in the Economy Commission, since during its ninth extraordinary session, on December 12, the presentation of the report on the modernization of the pension system had been scheduled. which included a targeted AFP withdrawal of up to 2 UIT. However, several congressmen expressed their disagreement about debating both issues together, so César Revilla accepted the fourth interlude proposed by Congressman Jorge Montoya, and it must be reviewed again.

Until before these last sessions, only congressmen Segundo Montalvo (withdrawal of up to 2 UIT), Víctor Cutipa (release of up to 3 UIT), Guido Bellido and José Luna (disbursement of up to 4 UIT) had supported the scope of their law, which seeks the releases of private pension funds. In addition, the heads of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Central Reserve Bank, the Superintendence of Banking, Insurance and AFP (SBS) and the Association of Pension Funds had expressed their technical opinion regarding the negative impacts that this would bring. extent.

AFP Retirement 2024: what are the projects pending debate?

  1. AFP Withdrawal from 2 UIT (S/10,300) – Segundo Montalvo Cubas (Free Peru)
  2. AFP withdrawal of up to 4 UIT (S/20,600) – Digna Calle (Vamos Perú)
  3. AFP withdrawal of up to 3 UIT (S/15,450) – Víctor Cutipa (Peru Bicentennial)
  4. AFP withdrawal of 50% of funds – Elías Ávalos (Vamos Perú)
  5. AFP withdrawal of 70% of funds – Américo Gonza (Perú Libre)
  6. AFP withdrawal of 50% of funds for home purchase – Patricia Juárez (Fuerza Popular)
  7. AFP withdrawal from 3 UIT (S/15,450) – Víctor Flores (Fuerza Popular)
  8. AFP Withdrawal from 5 UIT (S/25,750) – Jaime Quito
  9. AFP Retirement from 4 UIT (S/20,600) – Guido Bellido (Peru Bicentennial)
  10. AFP withdrawal of 25% to pay debts with mortgage guarantee – Melissa Córdova (Avanza País)
  11. AFP withdrawal of 100% for home purchase – Ilich López (Popular Action)
  12. AFP withdrawal from 4 UIT (S/20,600) – José Luna (Vamos Perú)
  13. AFP withdrawal from 4 UIT (S/20,600) – Jorge Luis Flores Ancachi (Popular Action)
  14. AFP withdrawal from 4 UIT (S/20,600) – Kelly Portalatino (Perú Libre)
  15. AFP withdrawal from 4 UIT (S/20,600) – Luis Aragón (Popular Action)
  16. AFP Withdrawal from 4 UIT (S/20,600) – Mariza Taipe (Free Peru)
  17. AFP withdrawal from 4 UIT (S/20,600) – Flavio Cruz (Perú Libre)
  18. AFP withdrawal of up to 3 UIT (S/14,850) – Edgard Reymundo (Democratic Change-Together for Peru)
  19. AFP withdrawal from 4 UIT (S/20,600) – José Pazo (Somos Perú)
  20. AFP withdrawal of 100% of funds in cases of death of the member – Digna Calle (Vamos)
  21. RAFP retirement of 4 UIT (S/20,600) – Wilson Quispe (Perú Libre)
  22. AFP withdrawal from 2 UIT (S/10,300) – César Revilla (Fuerza Popular)
  23. AFP withdrawal of 90% of funds due to terminal illness – Katy Ugarte (Parliamentary Unity and Dialogue)
  24. AFP Withdrawal from 1 UIT (S/5,150) – Jeny López (Fuerza Popular)
  25. AFP retirement in cases of terminal illness or cancer – Germán Tacuri (National Concertation Magisterial Block)
  26. AFP withdrawal from 4 UIT (S/20,600) – Isabel Cortez
  27. AFP Retirement of 5 UIT (S/25,750) – Segundo Quiroz (National Concertation Magisterial Block)
  28. AFP retirement from 4 UIT (S/20,600) – Alfredo Pariona (not grouped)

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