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He plays Olek in “M jak miłość”.  His wife also appears in the series.  She is 6 years older than him

He plays Olek in “M jak miłość”. His wife also appears in the series. She is 6 years older than him

Thanks to the role of Olek Chodakowski in “M jak mi¶æ”, Maurycy Popiel gained recognition and crowds of loyal fans. Few know, however, that the actor has an equally famous wife, who is also a member of the series’ cast. Can you guess who I’m talking about?

Maurycy Popiel is one of the most popular young generation in Poland. He made his screen debut at the age of 15 in the educational series “Szanse finanse”. Later, he began studies at a theater school in Krakow, which he successfully graduated in 2013. While they were still there, he began to appear in productions such as “Mała Matura 1947”, “Czas Honoru” or “Miasto 44”, playing mainly episodes.

Who is Maurycy Popiel’s father? Not everyone knows that the actor followed in his parents’ footsteps

A breakthrough in Popiel’s career came in 2014, when he joined the cast (available at ), playing the role of Aleksander Chodakowski. On the screen, he formed a duet with Ilona Janyst, who plays his hero’s wife, Aneta Kryńska. Although since then he cannot complain about the lack of popularity and interest from fans, he tries to protect his privacy and rarely talks about his life in interviews. It is known that he comes from an acting family. His parents are Lidia Bogaczówna and Andrzej Popiel, from whom he inherited his passion and love for the profession. Now it turns out that his wife also works in the industry and also appears in the hit TVP series.

Maurycy Popiel got married. You may also recognize the actor’s wife from “M jak miłość”

Few people know that Popiel’s wife is Izabela Warykiewicz, who plays Beata, Marzenka’s half-sister in “M jak miłość”. The couple met while studying at the Krakow theater school. The actor who plays Olek is 6 years younger than his fiancée. – We met while studying at the Krakow State Theater School. It is not true that our love was born on the set of “M jak miłość”. But the fact that we are an inseparable couple is absolutely true – in an interview for “Tele Tygodnia”.

In 2021, the couple got married, which they showed off online by publishing a photo from the ceremony. This is one of the few photos of them together in the media, because they want to be mentioned only in the context of successes, not gossip. However, acting is not their only occupation and hobby. They have many other common passions, such as hiking or running.

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