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50-year-olds love them!  Now they are back in a big way for spring.  Not only for the office, but also every day!

50-year-olds love them! Now they are back in a big way for spring. Not only for the office, but also every day!

This element of clothing has already taken over women’s fashion many times, and in spring it will come back with a vengeance. Even elegant women with the most refined taste cannot resist such designs.

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Once associated only with elegance, today they perfectly complement the everyday styling of not only mature women. Their fashionable designs already stand out in the spring collections of famous brands.

They’re here! They will be the proof of style this season

Women’s jackets have already started appearing in collections! In the coming months, beige ones will be a hit, of course, as they will not only fit in with the trends, but will also perfectly complement many styles. This model will be perfect for special occasions, but it can also add a touch of casual elegance to everyday styling. What’s more, this particular one is now 40% off.

These types of jackets will look great not only with trousers and a blouse or shirt. It is worth remembering that they will also look exceptionally stylish when worn over dresses.

The versatility of jackets in today’s women’s fashion is also perfectly demonstrated by this model, which is now half priced. It has a fitted, figure-flattering cut with a belt, and is made mostly of linen, but it is the original patterns that make it a design that cannot be ignored.

These types of patterns will add variety to your styling, and thanks to the black and white colors, they will complement even a multi-colored wardrobe without any problems.

They are also in Mohito! However, they stand out due to one element

Mohito also has jackets that are perfect for mature women. However, the brand’s designers decided to break away from the most popular style of jackets, enriching theirs with double-breasted buttons and geometric styles that have a great effect on the silhouette, both in longer and shorter, very trendy versions.

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