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Expensive, more expensive, “The Three-Body Problem”.  Netflix gave more than was allocated for “Game of Thrones”

Expensive, more expensive, “The Three-Body Problem”. Netflix gave more than was allocated for “Game of Thrones”

In a month, the latest series from the creators of “Game of Thrones” – “The Three-Body Problem” – will be available on Netflix. The production based on the Chinese sci-fi trilogy had a really large budget.

“The Three-Body Problem” will appear on the platform in March, on the first day of spring. The creators are keeping the details of the production a secret for now, but they are slowly revealing more details. DB Weiss and David Benioff, who gave the world “”, and Alexander Woo (“Terror” and “True Blood”) are responsible for the production. Accustomed to impressive budgets from HBO, they couldn’t complain about the money at Netflix either.

Netflix paid more for ‘The Three-Body Problem’ than it did for ‘Game of Thrones’

. If HBO has its “Game of Thrones” spin-offs, Amazon is betting on “Rings of Power”, and now Netflix – in the face of the ending series of “Stranger Things” and “The Crown”, is looking for its new franchise that will deliver in the coming years a lot of fun for the viewers. The series based on the trilogy by Cixin Liu, a Chinese science fiction author, still hides many secrets. One of them is no longer the budget of the series he writes about.

Each episode of “The Three-Body Problem” will cost up to $20 million – that’s five million more than the final episodes of “Game of Thrones.” Regardless of their plot quality, they could not be denied grand scale, and this is what “The Three-Body Problem” will also require if it really wants to be at least partially faithful to the book original. $20 million is a large sum, but not absurdly high at all. Amazon went towards the absurd, allocating a staggering $58 million for each episode of “Rings of Power” – as a result, we got a visually phenomenal, but absolutely empty shell.

Benioff, Weiss and Woo have experience translating prose into television as long as they have a book to rely on. “Game of Thrones” stopped being suspenseful the moment it lost support in George RR’s original. Martina. – the trilogy is a finished work and in case of script problems you can always refer to it. We will see how the creators succeeded on March 21 on Netflix.

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