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Grabowski has a brother who is 6 years older than him.  He’s an actor too.  Their relationship is “rough”

Grabowski has a brother who is 6 years older than him. He’s an actor too. Their relationship is “rough”

Andrzej Grabowski has never hidden that he owes his success not only to consistent work, but also to his brother, Miko³aj, who infected him with passion for the stage. Although professionally they form a harmonious duo, their cooperation, despite blood ties, is marked by many challenges. They talked about what their relationship really looks like in a joint interview for “Dzieñ Dobry TVN”.

is one of the most popular actors in the domestic film industry. His popularity was undoubtedly brought by the cult series in which he played the role of Ferdynand Kiepski for over two decades. However, he has many more great roles in productions such as “Day of the Freak”, “Let’s Make a Grandchild”, “Pitbull” and “Career of Nikosia Dyzma”. His older brother also made his presence felt in the latter title.

Andrzej Grabowski has an older brother. Mikołaj is also an actor

The actor was born on March 15, 1952 as the youngest child of Łucja and Bolesław Grabowski. He grew up with two brothers, Wiktor and Mikołaj, who instilled in him a love of the stage and paved artistic trails. He was the first in his family to start studies at the Krakow theater school, despite the clear opposition of his parents. He made his debut and although his acting achievements include such titles as “Welts” and “Uwikłanie”, for years he has focused mainly on directing and work in the theater. His latest project is the play “Quartet for Four Actors”, in which Andrzej Grabowski plays one of the roles. What does their cooperation look like behind the scenes?

The Grabowski brothers recently gave a joint interview to , in which they talked about their relationship, both private and professional. Over the years, they had the opportunity to meet several times at work, which always turned out to be quite a challenge, full of numerous artistic disputes and misunderstandings. – This is a brotherly relationship. Of course, considering that Andrzej is the younger brother, he is always right. When we meet at work, who is right? Not the director Mikołaj, but the actor Andrzej – said Mikołaj Grabowski, also responsible for directing the famous “Quartet”, with a laugh.

Mikołaj Grabowski and Andrzej Grabowski Mikołaj Grabowski and Andrzej Grabowski / VIPHOTO/East News

The Grabowski brothers are honest about their relationship. These factors affected their bond

It turns out that childhood had a huge impact on the fact that their relationship is specific and at times really difficult. In their opinion, this is the effect of, among others, A 6-year age difference, but also the fact that they were partly raised separately, because Mikołaj, as the older one, left the family home sooner. – For some time, I took care of Andrzej as my younger brother. (…) And then I left Alwernia and Andrzej was left alone. We grew up a bit separately, not so strictly, one next to the other – he recalled his youth.

Serial Kiepski added that this is what he sees as the reason for the difficulties in finding an understanding with his older brother. He openly admitted that their relationship was more often “rough” than cordial. – Our conversations were not necessarily very civilized. Not necessarily the kind that an actor has with a director or a director with an actor. Despite everything, we managed to survive the times when we play shows without arguments, he said. At the same time, he emphasized that although they are not as close as perhaps they should be, now that they are both old, their relationship is much more sincere, especially since the oldest sibling has been dead for almost 4 years. “We are meant to be together,” he said with a smile.

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