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I crush it and pour water over it.  I water the happiness tree with it when it loses its leaves.  I don’t spend a penny

I crush it and pour water over it. I water the happiness tree with it when it loses its leaves. I don’t spend a penny

The tree of happiness is a specific plant that requires appropriate conditions to grow healthily and beautifully. After winter, it sometimes starts to lose leaves, but there is no reason to panic. With this homemade conditioner you will save them quickly.

The Happiness Tree is a popular plant grown in pots. It comes from South Africa and is a succulent. Under natural conditions, it can grow up to 2 meters, but the home version will be half that height. It is characterized by fleshy leaves and a thick trunk, but sometimes it begins to lose leaves. How to help him?

Where should the tree of happiness be? This plant loves the sun. Provide it with the right conditions and it will grow beautifully

The happiness tree is a great plant for forgetful people. It does not like excess water, and thanks to its thick leaves it can store it. It does not require pruning and grows very slowly, so it is not suitable for impatient people.

Lucky tree istock/Andrey Nikitin

However, it requires a lot of sunlight, so it is best to place it in a bright and sunny place. The ideal substrate will be cactus soil, which should be sprinkled with coarse sand to ensure permeability. The happiness tree must also have drainage provided. It does not need additional sprinkling, but in winter it should not be placed near radiators.

Why does the happiness tree lose its leaves? You can save them by preparing homemade fertilizer

There may be several reasons why a happiness tree loses its leaves:

  • not enough light,
  • overwatering, which leads to root rot and wasting,
  • temperature, which should not be lower than 15 degrees Celsius and higher than 22 degrees for proper growth.

To save your tree, you don’t have to go to a gardening store to buy ready-made fertilizers. You can prepare the conditioner yourself at home, using egg shells. They contain a lot of calcium, which will strengthen the plant and prevent leaf fall. Crumble the shells of several eggs, pour warm water over them and leave for 2-3 days, and then water them.

Source: Gazeta

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