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The actress from “M jak mi¶æ” claimed that Ostałowska broke up her relationship.  The truth came to light years later

The actress from “M jak mi¶æ” claimed that Ostałowska broke up her relationship. The truth came to light years later

Over the years of her career, Dominika Osta³owska has learned not only the highlights, but also the shadows of fame. Although she comments on her private life sparingly, the colorful press has been reporting on her numerous turmoil for a long time. Her love life aroused particular emotions, especially the alleged rejection of her partner by an actress from the cast of “M jak miłość”. What was it really like?

is considered one of the most underrated actresses in the domestic film industry. Although she has had roles in productions such as “Łagodna”, “Wojaczek” and “Daleko od Window”, the character of Marta Mostowiak, which she has been playing for almost a quarter of a century in the series, caused her to be pigeonholed. The way she is perceived by the public is undoubtedly influenced by the numerous scandals in which she was the heroine.

Does Dominika Ostalowska have a husband? She had a son with him

It is no secret that Dominika Ostalowska was unlucky in love and, as she emphasized in interviews, this was influenced by the patterns she learned from her family home. In 2000, she started a relationship with a colleague, Hubert Zduniak, with whom she had a son. Although they seemed happy, things weren’t going well between them. The culmination of the crisis was supposed to be Ostalowska’s alleged relationship with Grzegorz Ma³ecki, which ultimately led to her separation from the father of her child. Although none of them confirmed these reports, when the actor separated from his wife, the colorful press blamed Ostalowska. However, this was not the end, but the beginning of an avalanche of speculations.

Ostalowska took away Sydor’s partner? The accusations were made in the media

Soon it turned out that the actress was having an affair with the director, Mariusz Malec. He was then in a relationship with , who was also part of the cast, and what’s more, he had a child with her. This time, neither of them commented on the reports, but Sydor was not going to remain silent. – I wanted to fight for this love, I was ready to forgive him. I have one failed marriage behind me and I wanted it to be different this time, for our Antoś to have a normal, complete family – she said in an emotional interview for “Na Żywo”. She admitted that she saw what was happening and warned Ostalowska to leave her family alone. She allegedly didn’t listen to her and “got her way.” – Dominika knew that we were together, we had a child and we were planning a wedding. I said: “Dominika, leave us alone, go away, let us put it all back together.” However, she was deaf to my requests, and so was Mariusz. As soon as he realized that I knew everything, he moved in with her, she said.

It is no secret that Ostalowska received incredible criticism at that time. She was accused of destroying another relationship and lack of stability in feelings, especially since this relationship also did not stand the test of time. The actress did not comment on this situation, although the media did not let her forget about her love affairs. Only in 2023 did she decide to speak out. She said she had never contributed to the breakup of any relationship.

I have never been in a relationship with Grzegorz Małecki, much less contributed to the breakdown of his marriage. I also didn’t get involved with Mariusz Malec when he was still in a relationship with Joanna Sydor. It happened a few months after their breakup and many months after my breakup with Hubert Zduniak

– in a statement. In the same entry, she also revealed that she had clarified the misunderstanding with Sydor almost immediately, and the actress even apologized to her in a letter. However, the content of the letter never saw the light of day and remained a secret.

Source: Gazeta

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