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“Someone is inciting” farmers to attack Tusk.  They had sticks and rods.  RCB analyzes

“Someone is inciting” farmers to attack Tusk. They had sticks and rods. RCB analyzes

Donald Tusk announced on Thursday that the government will “include border crossings with Ukraine and indicated sections of roads and railway tracks on the list of critical infrastructure.” These words caused a great stir. – The farmers’ protest is an ideal field for action for the Russian services – notes prof. Daniel Boækowski from the University of Białystok.

The Government Center for Security has “a group that analyzes disinformation accompanying farmers’ protests at the border,” assured Piotr Błaszczyk, head of the RCB’s information policy department, in an interview. The Center drew attention to the message that appeared on the Internet after Donald Tusk’s conference. “Someone spread a rumor that the police (…) were on their way to disperse the protesters. In response, farmers posted on social media that they would not be intimidated. They showed that they had sticks and rods ready,” we read. Mateusz Morawiecki himself said the same.

Farmers’ protest at the border. “Provocation should be expected”

According to WP, “someone is tempting farmers to attack Tusk.” Prof. Daniel Boćkowski from the University of Białystok also emphasized in an interview with the portal that “the farmers’ protest is an ideal field for action for the Russian services.” In his opinion, it is about quarreling between the authorities and Poles and Ukrainians, and “we should expect provocations that will fuel the anti-Ukrainian narrative and, on the other hand, encourage the pacification of protesting farmers. Then Poles will be at each other’s throats,” writes WP.

– People from groups openly supporting Russia appeared at the protests. These strange people start telling farmers what should be blocked, they spread the most radical slogans in the information space – Boćkowski.

Mateusz Morawiecki scares farmers. “The government wants to send the police with batons”

The narrative that “the government wanted to send the police with batons” against farmers was also picked up by Mateusz Morawiecki. During Thursday’s live broadcast, the former prime minister said that Tusk’s announcement of including all border crossings with Ukraine on the list of critical infrastructure means that they “will not be able to check what people are traveling from Ukraine, they will not be able to protest there, which is a basic democratic right.” . According to Morawiecki, “the government wants to destroy this democratic protest.” – That’s why we should all be more supportive of farmers. We should all empathize with their problems, he appealed.

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