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Dobrosz-Oracz invited Miller to the TVP Info studio.  Suddenly she blurted out, “Jesus!”

Dobrosz-Oracz invited Miller to the TVP Info studio. Suddenly she blurted out, “Jesus!”

Justyna Dobrosz-Oracz’s Wednesday interview with Leszek Miller was on the tongue. During the meeting, an awkward situation occurred, which was referred to by the host of “Go¶ć poranka” on TVP Info.

On Wednesday, February 21, the “morning guest” on TVP Info was former Prime Minister and MEP Leszek Miller. The conversation with the politician was moderated by Justyna Dobrosz-Oracz, who asked him an unusual question at the very beginning. Leszek Miller’s answer surprised the journalist, who after a while turned to him worriedly: “Oh no, Jesus.”

An awkward situation in the TVP Info studio

The morning conversation between Leszek Miller and Justyna Dobrosz-Oracz concerned the former prime minister’s political plans, the dispute over abortion that arose in the government coalition, and the government’s conflict with the president. However, before the interview began, a strange situation occurred between the MEP and the host of “Gość Poranka”. Leszek Miller, sitting opposite Dobrosz-Oracz, began to sigh loudly, to which the presenter reacted by asking: “What’s with the sighing at the beginning?” The politician’s answer clearly surprised her: “Well, when I see you, I remember various things…” Leszek Miller began, but the presenter managed to interrupt him: “Oh no, Jesus, I started this topic unnecessarily.”

A fragment of the program was posted online, where it came under the microscope of Internet users. Some people began to wonder what situation Leszek Miller was thinking about. Wirtualna Polska asked the host herself for a comment on this matter. “I was surprised by these sighs. I really thought that something could have happened to the Prime Minister. Especially since earlier, before going on the air, we talked calmly, he was in a great mood and in good shape. I didn’t want to either, especially knowing his talent for strong, sometimes very playful sayings, so that the conversation leads to a dead end,” Justyna Dobrosz-Oracz explained to the portal. When asked about her relationship with Leszek Miller in the past, she said: “We have known each other for twenty years. But I would like to emphasize: only professionally.”

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