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I don’t need an iron since I have this beauty from Action for PLN 13.98.  Even cheaper in Natura!  Only PLN 8.27

I don’t need an iron since I have this beauty from Action for PLN 13.98. Even cheaper in Natura! Only PLN 8.27

Spray iron is a product that will make your clothes perfectly smooth very quickly and with little effort. Importantly, you can buy them for a few or a dozen zlotys. Rush to Action, Rossmann or Empik and forget about unsightly creases.

Ironing is a time-consuming task that few people like. What if you’re pressed for time, you have an important meeting, and you’ve just discovered that your formal blouse is useless because of its numerous folds? You don’t have to unfold the board and reach for the iron. There are other, much simpler and very quick methods.

Action: reliable anti-crease case. Forget about tedious ironing

The Action store offers many useful products that make everyday life much easier. Among them you will find the inconspicuous Fix&Go spray, which is nothing else than an effective anti-crease product hidden in a handy 185 ml bottle.

Action: Fix&Go, anti-crease cases Action: Fix&Go, anti-crease cases. Photo screenshot from:

The spray works like a spray iron and after just a few seconds it makes the fabric smooth and fragrant, as if it had just been washed. After spraying, just stretch it gently with your hands. Importantly, the product is safe for almost all materials. The only exception is silk, for which it is better not to use it.

Drogerie Natura: spray iron in a large bottle. It’s enough for a long time

If you know that you will use the anti-crease spray more often, choose a product in a larger package. At Natura Drogerie you will find one from Fresini, which holds up to 500 ml in a bottle. The container also has a large, convenient atomizer that allows it to reach every nook and cranny that requires immediate smoothing.

Drogerie Natura: Fresini, spray ironDrogerie Natura: Fresini, spray iron Drogerie Natura: Fresini, spray iron. Photo screenshot from

Empik: ironing liquid for travelers. Small bottle, great power

When traveling, each additional space in your suitcase or backpack is worth its weight in gold. In addition, when deciding on , we must take into account general weight and quantity limits when it comes to liquids.

Empik: Lalu, spray ironEmpik: Lalu, spray iron Empik: Lalu, spray iron. Photo

If you want to be able to put on refreshed and smooth clothes even in an exotic place, Lalu ironing liquid, which you can find at Empik, will help you with that. All because it fits into a small bottle of only 100 ml. So it will fit even in your hand luggage, as long as you put it in a transparent bag first.

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