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Doda without makeup and filters.  “Forty in a few days.”  This is what it really looks like

Doda without makeup and filters. “Forty in a few days.” This is what it really looks like

Doda can astonish his fans like no one else. This time she appeared on Instagram completely without makeup and reminded her that she will soon be 40 years old. “I believe that no make-up is the best cosmetic for the skin.”

For years, Doda has been not only one of the most popular, but also, according to many, the most attractive women in Polish show business. She is now followed by over 1.7 million people on Instagram, with whom she shares selected moments from her life. For many fans, Doda is an inspiration, and women online often admire the artist’s appearance, asking about her diet or care methods.

Doda will soon be 40 years old. This is what she looks like without makeup

Recently, Doda shared a video on her Instagram story in which she showed what she looks like with and without a filter, while also being without makeup. In the first frame you can see Doda’s entire face changed by the filter, in the second half of her face is with the filter and the other half without it, while the third frame shows what the star really looks like without the filter, and she looks simply beautiful. “I haven’t put on make-up on a daily basis for several years, I know that most of you still don’t believe me (…) Btw, I still believe that the lack of make-up is the best cosmetic for the skin,” she once wrote on Instagram.

Doda Doda Photo. (InstaStories)

How does Doda take care of her beauty? Aesthetic medicine is one thing, but there is one thing she has been avoiding for over 15 years

Some time ago, in an interview with Plotek, Doda was asked whether she uses aesthetic medicine treatments. She directly answered yes and listed some of her favorites: “Oh, of course. I have been recommending mesotherapy for 10 years, plasma, fibrin, peptides and so on.”

However, it is not only proper care that is responsible for the excellent condition of her skin. Doda does not hide the fact that she pays great attention to her diet, which affects not only her figure, but also the condition of her skin. – I haven’t eaten sugar for 15 years, dairy products for over 6 years. (…) Self-discipline, hygiene of life, effort, consistency are something I simply like. It doesn’t give me satisfaction when I eat fast food, it gives me satisfaction when I don’t, she confessed on Instagram. Doda also does not eat meat or drink alcohol. – Alcohol takes away from prosaic things beauty, intelligence, health. And now from the worst, families, life, careers, assets – she said in an interview with Wirtualna Polska.

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