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What to do to win the lotto?  He succeeded seven times.  He revealed his tactics

What to do to win the lotto? He succeeded seven times. He revealed his tactics

Each of us has probably dreamed of a huge lotto win at least once. One man from Orlando managed to turn his dreams into reality. And sevenfold. In one of the interviews, he revealed how he managed to choose the right numbers.

Although it is said that money cannot buy happiness, it certainly makes many things easier. That’s why it’s no wonder that so many people try their hand at various types of lotteries, where they can win large sums of money. That’s what Richard Lustig did, with the difference that the man managed to win the lottery seven times. How did he do it?

He won the lottery seven times. In total, it was over PLN 4 million

Richard Lusting, who comes from Orlando, won quite a lot of money from the lottery seven times between 1993 and 2010. Although he never managed to get a “six”, i.e. the main jackpot win, In total, over one million dollars was credited to his account, which is over PLN 4 million today. It turns out that this was not a coincidence, as he developed a specific system for this purpose, which, as his case shows, worked. The man even published a book in which he shared his tricks on , and in numerous interviews he gave tips to those interested. What was his strategy?

How to win the lotto? He revealed his tricks

Richard Lusting did not share specific numbers that you should bet on to increase your chances. Instead of that it’s best to keep choosing the same combinations, even if it’s your birthday. Don’t use random. Another key issue is developing an accurate budget for how much you can allocate for coupons. For example, let it be 10%. every . Importantly, the money you plan to spend in this way they cannot be for another purpose, such as bills and daily errands. Thanks to this, you minimize the risk of falling into debt, and at the same time, you develop a habit and know how much you will spend in a given month.

The last tip he shared is proper research. The idea is that after selecting the numbers, check whether they have won before. Although Lusting’s advice is not a ready-made recipe for success, by applying it we can increase our chances of winning. Maybe not necessarily the main one, when the jackpot can reach up to several million zlotys, but high enough to pay off the money with interest.

Source: Gazeta

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