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Scandal at Polsat.  Czarnek and Lubnauer argued on the live show.  “I’ll get up and scream or leave”

Scandal at Polsat. Czarnek and Lubnauer argued on the live show. “I’ll get up and scream or leave”

During Sunday’s “Śniadania Rymanowski” program broadcast on Polsat, there was a strong dispute between the invited guests, i.e. Katarzyna Lubnauer and Przemys³aw Czarnek. The presenter had to intervene.

During Sunday’s conversation, topics such as the situation of farmers in Poland and the Green Deal were discussed. There were verbal fights between Deputy Minister of Education Katarzyna Lubnauer and Przemysław Czarnek, which even the presenter Bogdan Rymanowski could not stop. – Well, I guess I’ll have to leave this studio – he exclaimed when subsequent attempts to calm down the politicians were unsuccessful.

Lubnauer and Czarnek’s argument in the live program. “We will make you”

During the discussion regarding, among others, agriculture and the project of building the Central Communication Port. When the deputy minister of education did not want to talk about its future, Przemysław Czarnek referred to the topic of purchasing computers for primary school students. – We are effectively forcing you to say “yes to CPK”, we will also force you to buy laptops for fourth graders – he said, quoted by “”. This sentence started a heated discussion between politicians, which even the host of the program couldn’t end. At the beginning of the current school year, fourth-grade primary school students received over PLN 400,000. laptops. Depending on their choice, parents could decide whether to sign an agreement to take over the ownership of the equipment or to lend it, although in most institutions only the first option was possible. This means that the computer obtained in this way cannot be sold, loaned or converted for the next five years.

Politicians began to shift responsibility for the laptop purchase project. Katarzyna Lubnauer admitted that the lack of its continuation was the fault of the former Minister of Education, as no strategy was prepared according to which it would be possible., there was also no digital transformation policy allowing for obtaining subsidies. – How so? After winning the elections, he was to unlock all the money on the first day. Where is the money from Europe? You have not unlocked EU money. Buy your children laptops because they are waiting for them – replied Przemysław Czarnek. According to the politician, the project could not be implemented because PiS “did not leave a penny for this purpose.”

Katarzyna Lubnauer and Przemysław Czarnek’s verbal altercation. The presenter intervened

Politicians also heatedly discussed cooperation with the European Union, with which, according to Katarzyna Lubnauer, PiS was unable to communicate. In turn, Przemysław Czarnek accused the opposition of lacking help for farmers due to unfavorable grain prices. There was a verbal fight between both of them, which even the presenter, Bogdan Rymanowski, could not stop. – Please state! Because I’m going to get up and scream, or I’m going to leave… Well, I guess I’ll have to leave this studio — – Mr. Minister of Roads, Mr. Second Dear Minister, I am in charge here – he added.

Source: Gazeta

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