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We know the hosts of “New Year’s Eve” on TVP.  Key presenters will be missing on stage

We know the hosts of “New Year’s Eve” on TVP. Key presenters will be missing on stage

Although the atmosphere on TVP is hot, the station does not give up preparations for the New Year’s Eve concert. During the conference, the names of the stars who will perform on stage in Zakopane were revealed. The presenters who will lead the event were also informed. Compared to last year’s editions, the line-up has become much smaller.

The revolution in TVP announced by the opposition during the election campaign has finally been implemented. All thanks to the resolution regarding the “restoration of legal order and impartiality and reliability” of both public media and PAP, which the Sejm adopted on December 19, 2023. Many began to fear that the changes would bring into question, among others: this year . However, everything indicates that the event will take place as planned.

We know the presenters who will host New Year’s Eve with TVP. Who will be missing on stage?

Just a few hours before the above-mentioned meeting in the Sejm, Telewizja Polska organized a press conference during which the names of the artists who will sing their greatest hits on the stage in Zakopane on New Year’s Eve were officially confirmed. These will include: Justyna Steczkowska, Cleo, Piękni i Młodzi, Pectus, the band Lisha and The Men with Joanna Liszowska, Fun Factory, as well as the stars of the evening, i.e. , who will perform a duet with her son, Allan Krupa.

The station also announced the presenters who will host the event. It turns out that their number has significantly decreased compared to previous editions. The hosts of the event were Izabella Krzan, Tomasz Kammel and , and behind-the-scenes reports will be provided by Marta Surnik and Anna Lewandowska, known from the “Pytanie na breakfast” program. For obvious reasons, Małgorzata Tomaszewska will not be present at the event, as she is currently in an advanced stage of pregnancy and is limiting her professional commitments. What is surprising is the absence of Ida Nowakowska and Aleksander Sikora in the cast, who were previously one of the main hosts on TVP.

Will “New Year’s Eve of Dreams with Two” be canceled? The stars speak plainly

During the conference, which was uniquely organized in a restaurant on ul. Foksal, not in the headquarters, was missing several key stars, including: Justyna Steczkowska. The rest, however, willingly gave interviews in which there were many questions about their views on the changes that the new government intends to implement at the station. He also talked to several artists and asked whether it was possible that “New Year’s Eve Dreams” would be unexpectedly canceled because of this. Everyone agreed that such an eventuality was out of the question. – I’m getting ready to have fun and have a good party. New Year’s Eve is a moment when you have to think about good emotions – commented Rafał Brzozowski eloquently. The creator of such hits as “Miłość w Zakopane” or “Cudowronek” was a bit more effusive on this matter. – It is not possible. These are the contracted events, time, artists, all the technique. We are professionals, he said.

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