The experience of motherhood has become a journey of emotions for Paris Hilton.

The well-known American businesswoman and socialite gave birth to London, her second child through surrogacy – known as surrogacy – just a few weeks ago; The same thing happened with Phoenix, a beautiful little boy who made his debut as a mother in January of this year.

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Although the happiness due to the arrival of newborns is enormous, Hilton admitted that for a long time she experienced intense fears that separated her from the dream of bringing them to life.

That was the first reason that led her to look for a surrogate, not the alleged difficulties with conception that were once attributed to her.

Second, the reason she became a surrogate mother was her lack of time.

Because of her career as a celebrity, she said she had a work schedule that prevented her from having the space to create a life.

“My schedule is out of control. I would never find time for it, because I literally have no free time,” writes Who magazine.

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Paris Hilton’s fears of motherhood

In the latest interview Paris Hilton, which states WHObusinesswoman revealed that her fears were born from the “post-traumatic syndrome” that doctors, teachers and psychologists generated for her when she was hospitalized in Provo Canyon School, an institute for troubled youth in Utah.

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“I still carry intense post-traumatic syndrome because of everything I experienced as a teenager,” he pointed out.

He said that when he’s in the doctor’s office or getting an injection, “I literally have a panic attack and I can’t breathe.”

It was because of this pathological fear of doctors that I knew “that such high levels of anxiety were not going to be healthy for me or for the baby that was developing inside me,” he explained.

Why didn’t you change the diapers?

During the production of “Paris In Love,” aired via Peackok, the DJ and designer also revealed how she’s dealt with motherhood with new obstacles, other than her post-traumatic stress disorder. This time it was clear that he did not want to change the child’s diapers, recalls Excelsior.

A snippet of the birth is circulating on social media where Hilton can be seen admitting that she will be changing Phoenix’s diaper for the first time a month after birth.

I said I wouldn’t do this on my birthday, but I will for you,” she is heard saying before venturing out without even knowing how a diaper works. (AND)


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