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Aware Basques also consume eucalyptus

Aware Basques also consume eucalyptus

Aware Basques also consume eucalyptus

Euskaraz irakurri: Euskaldun kontzientziatuek (ere) eukaliptoa kontsumitzen dute

The creator Jon Ander Urresti was the winner of the Durangoko Azoka Creation Grant last year thanks to the project “Eukalyptus”, and this year it was his responsibility, therefore, to present the resulting play in the Szenatokia space of the Durangoko Azoka.

Matxalen de Pedro and Urresti himself have been in charge of directing a text written in eight hands by them, the writer and bertsolari Nerea Ibarzabal and the actor Beñat Urrutia, the latter also in charge of interpreting the work on stage alongside Urresti.

In the morning session, the first half of the work was performed, as a sample, and it was enough to verify that if the intention of the text is to put a mirror in front of us as Urresti promised last year, we came out quite badly; and the fault, of course, is ours alone, not that of the authors who have wanted to confront us with “our consumption habits and our historical responsibilities inherited from the colonialists.”

In a humorous and satirical tone, landowner (Urresti) and worker (Urrutia) appear on stage accompanied by music and fluorescent light, in a conversation that, between smile and smile, brings to the public’s mind topics such as expansionism, monoculture and other evils of capitalism, now by singing or through dialogue.

In the second part of the play, the actors address in a playful tone the “conscientious Basque”, contrary – they understand – to all empires and also to the empire of monoculture, to reproach him for his contradictions and the average use per year of 160 kilos of cellulose (four eucalyptus trees).

The short screening of the work has reached that point, but there are already several appointments for those who want more. These are the first dates to see “Eukalyptus”: Aulesti (January 19), Antzuola (January 21), Lesaka (February 25), Sara (March 9), Ajangiz (March 29), Bergara (March 6 April)…

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