The memories became inspiration for the participants MasterChef Celebrity Ecuador. In the episode that aired on Thursday, December 7, in which they had to deal with the elimination challenge, where they had to cook a dish inspired by something that changed their lives.

Juana Guarderas leaves the kitchens of ‘MasterChef Celebrity Ecuador’: her potato locro did not surpass Danilo Carrera’s fried eggs

Some like Nachita commemorated a loved one who is no longer there, others like Hellen remembered an act of violence in a community, while Nikki Mackliff She decided to pay tribute to Portoviejo’s uncles who supported her when she decided to talk about her sexuality.

In their honor, the singer presented a dish she called “Ceviche manaba a lo Barquet.” “My uncles are a fundamental part of me not feeling alone about my sexuality at a very complicated, personal time in my life. The truth is that I felt well guided by them,” revealed.

“When I sat down and told them and was able to share that with them, “All I got was a big hug from everyone,” the artist recalled.

This moved Raul Santana, who said he identified with her story.

His ceviche earned praise from the jury, who judged that the shrimp were just right, that the sauce was flavorful, as was his entire dish.

A few months ago, Nikki made their relationship public on social media.


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