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Up to PLN 1,000 fine for a building’s roof not being cleared of snow.  Who should get rid of snow?

Up to PLN 1,000 fine for a building’s roof not being cleared of snow. Who should get rid of snow?

Heavy snowfall and low temperature mean that there is a thick layer of white fluff on the roofs of buildings, and sometimes also long icicles, which may pose a threat to passers-by moving under them. Who should delete them?

Although white winter delights with its magical aura, it can also be very troublesome. Every morning, drivers must clear snow and scrape windows, and property owners must not forget to regularly remove snow from sidewalks, driveways and roofs. Failure to do this on the final surface may have serious consequences.

How much does 1 m3 of snow weigh? The numbers are impressive

Although falling snow may seem like powder, not everyone realizes how heavy it can be. Already 1 cubic meter can weigh about 200 kg, and when wet, its weight increases to 700-800 kg, while in the case of ice it is 900 kg per cubic meter. So, in winter, there is a really huge burden on the roofs, which is why it is so important to clear snow from them. Especially when they are flat. We also cannot forget about hanging icicles that pose a threat to pedestrians.

Who is responsible for clearing snow from the roof? The law leaves no doubt

According to the law, both the owner or manager of the building should be responsible for clearing snow from the roof and removing icicles from the building. In the Construction Law we can read: the owner or manager of a building is obliged to ensure, by exercising due diligence, the safe use of the facility in the event of external factors affecting the facility, related to human activity or forces. These include, among others: heavy rainfall. Neglecting this duty may have unpleasant consequences. This is not only about a fine, but also about endangering people staying in the building or around it. In extreme cases, heavy snow lying on the roof may even lead to its collapse. Therefore, in winter we must take into account inspections by the City Guard, the General Office of Construction Supervision, or even the Volunteer Fire Department (in the case of multi-surface roofs).

How much is the fine for snow on the roof? It’s better not to convince yourself

As we can read in “”, a building roof that is not cleared of snow and hanging icicles can result in a fine of up to PLN 500 from the building supervision inspector. If the police issue it to us, it will be up to PLN 1,000. Failure to accept the fine or take the case to court may result in the fine increasing to PLN 5,000. It is also worth remembering that if a pedestrian is injured as a result of failure to clear snow from the roof (or sidewalk), he or she may claim compensation.

Source: Gazeta

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