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They asked Michał Bajor about euthanasia: Yes, I would consider it.

They asked Michał Bajor about euthanasia: Yes, I would consider it.

Micha³ Bajor was asked about his approach to euthanasia. The musician did not hesitate long on the answer, he admitted that he was afraid of suffering and would consider leaving earlier if he had to endure pain.

The topic of euthanasia raises many doubts and controversies. Its supporters justify the need with the inability to relieve pain and the desire to make decisions about oneself. Opponents are concerned about the procedure, which could get out of control. This difficult topic was tackled by the creators of the film “Fear”.

Stars about euthanasia. This controversial topic is being discussed more and more often

The film tells the story of two sisters who set off on a journey, at the end of which the fate of one of them will be decided. In the production, Magdalena Cielecka plays Małgorzata, who suffers from cancer. It is a picture about suffering and the fear of death, as well as the limits of the human body.

“I would like a film or play that touches on sensitive topics, sometimes taboo, to make people familiar with this topic. This problem, phenomenon or space in our lives exists and there is no point in denying it or being afraid of it,” she said about the film in interview with Odeta Moro, Cielecka. The actress emphasized that she hoped that the film would be the beginning of a loud discussion about euthanasia.

Michał Bajor on euthanasia: Yes, I would consider it

The issue of euthanasia was also raised by Journalist in his podcast, to which he invited Michał Bajor. During the conversation, the host asked the famous musician what he thought about the controversial topic and whether he would take advantage of the opportunity to end his life earlier if circumstances forced him to do so.

“Yes, I would consider it, but I don’t know when it will change for me, and perhaps as a twin it will change for me in a few years,” the artist replied. At the same time, the musician emphasized that life is of great value to him, but he would not like to suffer.

“If it was going to hurt a lot and if I could decide, especially since I don’t have my loved ones around me, I could afford it,” Bajor added. The musician never decided to start a family.

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