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She was called “Cloud”.  She said about modern weathermen that “they don’t know what they’re doing”

She was called “Cloud”. She said about modern weathermen that “they don’t know what they’re doing”

Elżbieta Sommer is dead. She was 87 years old. A long-time weather presenter associated with public television, she is remembered by many viewers as “Mrs. Cloud”.

Elżbieta Sommer was an extremely popular and popular weather presenter on Polish Television for several decades. Her son-in-law Jerzy Kozak announced her death on December 7, posting an entry on social media.

Elżbieta Sommer was a weather forecast presenter on TVP.

Elżbieta Sommer arrived in 1957, when she was 20 years old. Previously, she worked at the Air Force Command, where she served as an inspector, and at the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management – National Research Institute in the long-term forecasts department. It was there that she gained the ability to read weather maps. She also learned to forecast the weather for the next few hours. She made her debut on TV only six years later, in 1963. Initially she performed in a duet with Czesław “Wicherek” Nowicki, then became his successor. “He bullied me until he came to the conclusion that I wasn’t a threat to him, I was a woman and I announced the weather in my own style. At the end, we even became friends.” – in the past Elżbieta Sommer.

She gained the nickname “Mrs. Cloud”. Elżbieta Sommer was with TVP until 2004

She started back in the days of black and white television, when all you needed to make a program was a table, a chair and a cardboard board. She had previously written down the information she presented on the evening on the board with school chalk. She quickly gained viewers’ sympathy with her slightly different style of presenting the weather forecast, becoming one of the “faces” of the then Polish Television. During her performances, she was characterized by professionalism, matter-of-factness and an impeccable style of expression, and most importantly, her predictions came true, and over time, Sommer gained the nickname “Chmurka”. – “I am a meteorologist by profession. I have always tried to explain the changes taking place in nature to the viewers in a factual and accessible way. Without unnecessary showmanship.” – in one of the interviews.

She retired in July 2004. In one of the last Sommer from 2011, the weatherman talked about modern weathermen. – “Currently, weather forecasters don’t know much about what they do. Apart from their beauty, they often have nothing to interest the viewer. They are not very intelligent and, above all, they have no knowledge of meteorology, which is the basis of this profession. It used to be “It’s unthinkable. A stupid smile won’t cover up your lack of knowledge.”

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